We have been looking at the behavior of money. Understanding this enigmatic entity will help you master it and use it well, especially those who are in business. We said that the first behavior of money is that it is a reward for solving problems. When you find a need, there lies an opportunity. Wherever there are problems or crises, there are several opportunities to make money. Challenges are opportunities cleverly disguised. Do you think Nigeria has a lot of issues? If you think so then that means Nigeria is a great place to make money.

We also said that Money has feminine tendencies. That is ‘her’ second behavior. She acts like a woman. She is a hearing entity. Any one who cannot speak and sell cannot be rich. She loves to be wooed like any woman would. Note that some of the richest people in your area are amazing persuaders and negotiators. We also noted that she marries bright ideas. When a man of money meets a man of ideas, exchange invariably occurs.

Let’s look at the third behavior of money this week.


When money is given more room, she can be controlling. You used to seduce her, now she begins to seduce you. If you work hard, solve problems, use your creative ideas, money will eventually come to you. She can become so glamorous, you begin to worship her. She begins to tell you what to do, where to go, who to associate with. You used to have people around you, now she instills arrogance in you that makes you look down on people. After all, your queen (money) is more beautiful than theirs.


Money is an amplifier; she makes your life louder. Whatever you were before she came into your life becomes more prominent. If, for example, you weren’t a giver before she came in, your selfishness would be made prominent. If it is the other way around, that is, you are philanthropic; your benevolence will be more pronounced.

Money reveals character. You may not know a person when he doesn’t have so much; but when she walks in and takes over, the real person comes to light. John C. Maxwell once wrote: “Man has been known to survive the severest challenges, but if you want to test a person’s character, give him power”. Money is a form of power.

MONEYMoney can make you lose friends; yes, the company of very good friends and loved ones. That is why I would encourage you to first develop healthy character traits first before you become wealthy.

Money isn’t bad necessarily, I must add. Money is basically an inert material. She is neither moral nor immoral; she is amoral. That is, neither good nor bad; neither black nor white. If anything, she is grey.

We are the ones who give money the character she possesses. Money amplifies her possessor. Whatever you are becomes louder by the presence of money.


A lot of people bask in the euphoria of the rush and glory of money. Now because when money comes, she comes in an unprecedented rush and seemingly she lingers. It may be assumed that money would never leave. But she does. This is a fact you should never forget about money. She takes up wings. In place of money you have investments, create portfolios that allows money to keep coming again and again. Remember that money is liquid; it is designed to flow. That is why she is called ‘currency’

The other day my younger sister, after perusing these lines, said to me, “Money is such a prostitute. You must share her with others. That is the only way she can fall in love with you again and keep coming back”. I scowled, and then I laughed. I got her point. Do you?



TV 2

This year makes me 6 years as a presenter on television.

It has been an exciting learning process for me. I want to appreciate Pst. Idy James who introduced me first to radio and then to television in 2007 and 2008.

Somebody has got to believe in you and introduce you in life. He did.

I have learnt from many veterans, especially locally.

Michael Bush’s confidence and eloquence did catch my attention when I used to watch him on AKBC and NTA,Uyo those days. Today he has gone on to dominate the airwaves in Abuja, being the first independent producer on FRCN.

I studied Microbiology in University of Uyo…but I had an intense desire to be a television presenter. How possible was that?So also did Raphael Edem. He had a strong desire to be on radio and television.From what I gather, he studied Engineering in FUTO but he came on television and became a supers star!

I learned a lot from him those days, especially the way he handled interviews. Today, he serves as one of the MCs for all of Governor Akpabio’s events.

Do you want to be a television presenter?TV 6

I was helped by people and I want to also help people .

Emmanuel Sam, Uduak AsuquoShenneld Enobong JohnsonCletus Joseph Ubong ClementDavid D’GeniusEmeka Obia all had their FIRST television experience on my platform.

I mentored them…and still mentor a number of them.

David D’ Genius has gone on to be a television regular , radio host and MC.

Emeka Obia became MC of a successful reality show I CAN DANCE and also runs a radio program.

Let me share with you a few tips, and then invite you for a 3 day workshop. Every trainee will have practical experience with me on television.

Here are the tips.TV 5

I focused on Motivationals and Business development. Any area of human interest will do: Sports, Politics, Religion, Health etc.

By this I mean be a master in that area of interest.I was confidently recommended because I was very good at motivational speaking.

Eloquence and good diction is key.That is one area that I will also be of tremendous help to you in the workshop. We would learn about [public speaking and mass media.

Television viewers are seeing you first before they are hearing you. You must master facial gestures and I can show you how. Facial gestures move viewers faster than any other thing you do in front of the camera.

Most of my television programs have been live shows. That can put one under intense pressure because you cannot afford to make mistakes.

No “Cut!” from the producer. It is you and the camera…and millions of viewers.There is a “how” to overcome this fright.

Well, those are some tips.
There are much more!

I want to work with 10 passionate individuals who want to be television presenters.


Sms TV PRESENTER to 08187133153 for regular updates

Training will be 12th – 14th December 2013
Venue will be at my office. PowerMinds Corporate Office. 63 Udotung Ubo Street, Uyo, Akwa IBom State.
Time: 3pm daily.

Cost: N10,000 per participant.

Payment should be made to:


GEORGE ESSIEN. FCMB. 08023876316(It is a flash me Account. Request for it).

Sms Teller number to the number 08187133153. Come to the venue with the teller. No payment would be made at the venue.

How passionate are you to be seen and heard?
Let’s work together.


Talent2 power

You probably have read John Maxwell’s book: TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH. A truism in every sense of the title.

Talent must be converted skill for it to have market value.

Talent is common. Dedication is rare.It takes dedication to convert talent to skill.

There are 4 ways a talent can be expressed. First, there is the scientific expression of your talent. Second, the artistic expression of your talent. Third, the technological expression of your talent. Fourth, the business expression of your talent.

Let us focus on the business side.

There are 3 ways to commercialize your talent; 3 ways to make profit from your talent. Let us look at them quickly.

First, BRAND YOUR TALENT. What this simply means is what qualities of your talent differentiates, distinguishes your talent from others? What sets you apart from others? What is your USP -Unique Selling Point?

Branding also entails what dress style, slogan, colour, voice pitch, name  you have have that  makes your talent remain in the minds of people. A brand is that colour, logo, name, slogan, style that sets your talent apart from others, that make people quickly notice.

Your job is to accentuate it!

This is what makes you worth commercial value in the market place.

People pay more for brands than for products or services. That is why events organizers would pay Basket Mouth N2 Million for comedy and owe another comedian N30,000 after the same event.

Second, PACKAGE YOUR TALENT. Packaging attracts.

Packaging involves doing a complementary card, having a business manager, having a website, having your demos and profile brochures.

Packaging also means converting your talent to selleable and well packaged  products.For example, having a musical album, a show, a book, a magazine, a radio program etc.

Package products sell higher than unpackaged products.

Packaging is also a form of branding, just that it focuses on appeal and perception than distinguishing feautures of that talent.

Third, PROMOTE YOUR TALENT. Nothing succeeds until somebody sells. At the beginning of your carreer , you must promote your talents/ products. You must scout for jobs, look for them. You must accept every invitation and make sure that you have alot of visibility. Continous promotion would eventually pay off financially.



While I was receiving love messages from friends on my birthday, I was on my way to Ikorodu, Lagos to reflect and rediscover what was responsible for my present drift to the area I am now popularly known for. Yes, I returned back to the ancient city of Ikorodu, my place of birth. A place where ORO festival used to be celebrated. At this festival women were not allowed out and men whipped themselves on the streets

Things had indeed changed when I arrived Ikorodu.Yes, Garrage was still the same, buzzling with  lousy sellers and buyers.The statue of OGA, the first hunter that arrived Ikorodu some 100 years ago was still there.

Coming back to Ikorodu brought back loads of memories to me: The people I met, the people I grew up with and loved, the people I schooled with, the people I  prayed with, shared my dreams with, and most of all: My mother(Her grave is in our property there).

The towering Methodist Church still loomed gloriously, a tower that I could see from where we lived when I was young. Ayangbure’s palace had been renovated and this was good to know.

First, I went to the house I was born and weaned at.It was actually old and delapidated. I couldn’t recognize any one there, save a very old woman who couldn’t see me enough to recognize me. Near by was the flat that my parents had rented for 16 years…It still looked very beautiful with of course new residents. Alhaji Lassissi had done a good work to keep the place neat. Obafemi Taiwo Street had now been tarred and new houses built.

I moved over to my nursey school, a place that I had studied between 1986 to 1991. The place now laid in ruins…The school had closed. Tears filled my eyes. I had attended St. George International School, one of the best schools at the time with about 600 students back then. And yes, you guessed right…My parents owned the school. Why it closed in 1999? Only my parents can tell.

Just across the road, a road called Igbogbo road, was the secondary school I attended between 1991 to 1994. It was  established in 1949. Its name? Oriwu Model College. I would later complete my secondary education at Goodwill Secondary School, the first private School in 1997.

Igbogbo road was still narrow…Police Barracks was now fenced…Anglican Church along Ireshe road was looking still beautiful. Anibaba street, where Segun Arinze used to live as a buding Nollywood star was still tattered. Later, when Segun Arinze would meet me doing my thing in a television studio in Akwa Ibom state, he simply said, “Go to Lagos”, he did not know that I was coming from Lagos

It was also good to return back LIFE CHAPEL at the LIFE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, the place I was dedicated as a child, the place I learned about Jesus and got filled with the Holy Spirit, and learned to pray and study the bible. Most of who I am today stemmed back from the trainings of that place. It was there that I met people like Pst.Tolu Boluwatise,Tolu Meduna, Tolu Dee,  Tolulope Nwani, Philip Temi, Alex Adegoke Oyelade Tinuade,  Tosin Olateru,Isaiah Olateru,  Olufemi Lawani, Peter Lawani, Erick Boachie and many ,many friends who are today scattered all over the world.

As at the time I entered LIFE CHAPEL,I noticed that the place was under construction.The hall brought back memories upon memories.I walked around, looked at the buildings, the trees…some of them as old as 30 years.This is the same Bible Seminary  that Matthew Ashimolowo studied in the 1970s.

All in all, My going back to Ikorodu made me rediscover those things that made me me. Yes, I have lived in Uyo for more than 6 years straight….but all the people have seen these years are the manifestation of trainings I received in place called Ikorodu.

Yeah, it is true, I am still an Ikorodu boy.


skills 1


A local skill at best would make you a local champion; a global skill will give you 21st century relevance.

A skill is not a talent.

Talent is cheap; skill is rare.

Talent is just potential; skill is cultivated potential.

Skill is an  ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities

Skill is processed talent.

No body pays you much for raw rice…but they pay alot for processed and cooked rice.

What gives you value is not really talent…what gives you value in the market place is skill.

Your CERTIFICATE or degree will give you accesss to that job interview; your KNOWLEDGE will give you the job ; but it is your SKILL that would give you a promotion.

So how do you develop GLOBAL SKILLS…What are they , in the first place?

A global skill is a skill  that can put you on the world stage. Yes, it is ok to start local…but hey you must grow national…and then GO GLOBAL.


Develop Global skills today.


1. WRITING: Yes, that can put on world stage. J.K.Rowlings was that divorced school teacher that wrote HARRY PORTER and became a billionaire from selling her novels..and the movies,toys and games that have resulted from it. Chimaammanda Adichie is that Nigerian novelist whose books have not only brought fame but has also made her rich. How much was she paid when her book HALF A YELLOW SUN was made a movie by HOLLY WOOD producers? Figures have been hidden but it surely runs into millions of DOLLARS! Chinua Achebe sold more than 30 million copies of THINGS FALL APART, a book that has also been translated into several world languages.

Write a book. A novel. Look for a foreign publisher to publish you. More easily run a global blog and tag. Easy? Yes very easy. I could show you how. Just call 2347010656135

2. MODELLING AND FASHION: Are you creative? Very creative with cloth designs then take it global. With modelling you can become as successful as Noami Campell or the highest paid African Model Alek Wek.

3. SPORTS: Whether it is football, lawn tennis or golf or even boxing you can become global if you can take you skill to the world market.

4. ACTING: Last year, Genievive Nnaji was interviewed  by Oprah Winferey and was refered to as Africa’s Julia Roberts. Last week, TIMES magazine named OMOTOLA among the 100 most influencial people in the world. Recently, CNN show cased JETA AMATA’s new movie BLACK NOVEMBER  featuring Akon and Wycliffe. These Nigerian artiste and producers have made their names global by focusing on acting

5. MUSIC: DBANJ made several millions from his OLIVER TWIST hit. What kind of music would more likely take you global? Of course, HIP HOP and R and B. Other genres are behind in era. Focus on hip hop and Rand B or mix other genres with these two.

6. ICT SKILLS: Important. Know something about the ICT world. We are all on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site . Isn’t that amazing? We know him because he developed ICT skills. That includes the yahoo boys and google boys.

7.PUBLIC SPEAKING: Perhaps you may become a politician tomorrow…public speaking will just be it. That is what will distinguish from the entire lot.Learn how to speak well. The orator is king. Public speaking is not just for politics…it is for every aspect of life: business, acting, ministry.

And there are many more. But focus on these 7.

See you at the top.


myles munroeI Have a Dream!
If you have a dream, or if you want to discover your vision, remember this: God loves dreamers. He gives visions, and He is attracted to people who love to dream big. Don’t forget that you are unique, special, and irreplaceable.

You are not meant to be like anyone else.

When you decide to be part of the norm, your destiny is shortchanged. God wants you to stir up the gift He has given you and to develop it to the fullest.

Take a Lesson From The Winners and Doers…
What is the difference between the dreamer who realizes his dream, and the dreamer whose dream becomes a nightmare of unfulfilled hopes?

The dreamer who succeeds is someone who has a clear vision and acts on it. As long as a person can hold on to his vision, then there is always a chance for him to move out of his present circumstances and toward the fulfillment of his purpose.

Living Your Life’s Vision!
If you feel trapped, underemployed, or underutilized in your job; if you own your own business and want it to grow; if you want to know how to pursue your goals in life; if you are the leader of an organization or group; if your children are grown or in school now, and you are considering reviving old interests, or wherever you are in life right now, my desire is that you will be inspired, motivated, and challenged to get back in the race toward your dream, to get back the passion toward your goal.

I want you to achieve your greatest in God’s purpose for your life. I want you to get off the rocking horse and find a living stallion— your life’s vision.

To do this, you need to understand and put into practice principles that transcend current trends and even conventional wisdom.

In this way, your success will not be dependent on the state of the economy, what careers are currently in demand, or what the job market is like. You will not be hindered by what people think you are capable of or your initial lack of resources.

Take Your Life Out of Neutral!
You are the sum total of the choices and decisions you make every day. You can choose to stay where you are, or you can choose to pursue your dream. I challenge you to stop making excuses for why you can’t accomplish what you were born to do.

Take your life out of neutral.achieve-dreams

You possess the power and the responsibility to determine your future and destiny. Remember, you were created to accomplish something that no one else can accomplish.

Never expect anything less than the highest thing you could go after. Don’t let people tell you, “You shouldn’t have high expectations.” Dream big.

No matter how challenging it gets, don’t give up, because your vision is the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Podium Dynamics


It is from the podium that progress is birthed.The fate of the pew hinges on the effectiveness and efficacy of the pulpit.If only we know what power the podium possesses.It is from the podium that destinies are forged, great ideas are disseminated and words are conveyed…and these words laddened with emotion can stir men to tremendous action.

Words can make cowards become men of courage.Wars have been stirred, peace has been instituted because of speeches.When one listens to the flowery speeches of an Obama or emotional, sensitive words of talkshow billionaire Opra Winferey or witty, hard biting punch lines of Jerry Springer.How does it feel to listen to the oratory of T.D.Jakes or the depths of Chris Okotie or the faith in the words of David Oyedepo? Great, isn’t it?

Speakers are the makers of men.Having spoken for a few years(That is if you call 13 years a few short years) I believe in what words can do to men. I have seen men literally erupt in the nostalgia of hope.Yes a nostalgia.I have seen people run to me and weep for now they have hope….I have seen people say “wow! you just got me going ..look at what I have become!”c 6

I learnt it all…i mastered the craft….I watched the masters…..I practiced hundreds of hours.And I am glad that I have sacrificed my whole life to speaking…changing lives and inspiring people..AND YOU TOO CAN

If you are like me, and want to horn your speaking SKILLS..Permit to be of help .Text SPEAKER to 08187133153..I have great suggestions for you.LET US MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE THROUGH SPEECHES, for our podium has potency!


nigeria ghanaI engaged in a telephone conversation with a certain lady on Saturday.She just said, ” I am interested in the POWERMINDS RETREAT & TOUR IN GHANA. I have 10 staffers who work with here in Lagos. Let’s work out the details and get to Ghana with in May”

Was I excited? Of course I was.

But now that limits the space to 10. We are looking for 10 more participants. The facilities at Acacia Guest Hotel , Ghana can only take that from us.

Why not add to the number?

If you have never traveled outside your country, then this is your opportunity. Travel is education. Experiential education.

We have made it further easier. YOU CAN PAY IN  2 INSTALLMENTS

Here is however the condition: Funds are not refundable once first installment payment has been done.

And first, send the sms GHANA TOURS to 08187133153  or send  email to

Package includes:

1. 5 Days extensive training on PERSUASION TECHNOLOGY for speakers and Leaders.

2. 5 Days on the BUSINESS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: how to make money with your talent.


4. Free 6 ebooks and 2 Hard Copy Business/Public Speaking Books for  each participants.

5. Hotel Accommodation with B/B and Internet Wireless

6. Return Flight Ticket. (From Lagos to Ghana and Back)

7.A One Day Tour around Ghana

8. Airport pick up and Transfers

9. The name of the hotel is Acacia Guest Hotel at East Legon  about 20-25 minute drive from the airport.

10.It has good surroundings ,with mighty security and with very quite and relax area close to the University of Ghana Gardens.

11.The hotel rate includes breakfast only and and the hotel have wireless internet access and DS televisions in each rooms.

Speakers: George Essien Emeka Obia Emmanuel Sam Jephter Akaehie Don ‘ShadeÇover Bassey Michael Bush

DATE: 20 to 25 May, 2013

REGISTRATION COST: N120,000 only.(Covers every of the things highlighted

Once you have sent the GHANA TOUR some one would get back to you. If you live in Ghana and want to be part of it, Just sms I LIVE IN GHANA to 08187133153. We have a different package for you. The cost is not as much.

For enquiries call 08066728913, 08187133153, 07084714408