We have been looking at the behavior of money. Understanding this enigmatic entity will help you master it and use it well, especially those who are in business. We said that the first behavior of money is that it is a reward for solving problems. When you find a need, there lies an opportunity. Wherever there are problems or crises, there are several opportunities to make money. Challenges are opportunities cleverly disguised. Do you think Nigeria has a lot of issues? If you think so then that means Nigeria is a great place to make money.

We also said that Money has feminine tendencies. That is ‘her’ second behavior. She acts like a woman. She is a hearing entity. Any one who cannot speak and sell cannot be rich. She loves to be wooed like any woman would. Note that some of the richest people in your area are amazing persuaders and negotiators. We also noted that she marries bright ideas. When a man of money meets a man of ideas, exchange invariably occurs.

Let’s look at the third behavior of money this week.


When money is given more room, she can be controlling. You used to seduce her, now she begins to seduce you. If you work hard, solve problems, use your creative ideas, money will eventually come to you. She can become so glamorous, you begin to worship her. She begins to tell you what to do, where to go, who to associate with. You used to have people around you, now she instills arrogance in you that makes you look down on people. After all, your queen (money) is more beautiful than theirs.


Money is an amplifier; she makes your life louder. Whatever you were before she came into your life becomes more prominent. If, for example, you weren’t a giver before she came in, your selfishness would be made prominent. If it is the other way around, that is, you are philanthropic; your benevolence will be more pronounced.

Money reveals character. You may not know a person when he doesn’t have so much; but when she walks in and takes over, the real person comes to light. John C. Maxwell once wrote: “Man has been known to survive the severest challenges, but if you want to test a person’s character, give him power”. Money is a form of power.

MONEYMoney can make you lose friends; yes, the company of very good friends and loved ones. That is why I would encourage you to first develop healthy character traits first before you become wealthy.

Money isn’t bad necessarily, I must add. Money is basically an inert material. She is neither moral nor immoral; she is amoral. That is, neither good nor bad; neither black nor white. If anything, she is grey.

We are the ones who give money the character she possesses. Money amplifies her possessor. Whatever you are becomes louder by the presence of money.


A lot of people bask in the euphoria of the rush and glory of money. Now because when money comes, she comes in an unprecedented rush and seemingly she lingers. It may be assumed that money would never leave. But she does. This is a fact you should never forget about money. She takes up wings. In place of money you have investments, create portfolios that allows money to keep coming again and again. Remember that money is liquid; it is designed to flow. That is why she is called ‘currency’

The other day my younger sister, after perusing these lines, said to me, “Money is such a prostitute. You must share her with others. That is the only way she can fall in love with you again and keep coming back”. I scowled, and then I laughed. I got her point. Do you?



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chinaIn the next 30 years the most important languages and most economically viable languages will be English and Chinese. As a matter of information, more people speak English in China than in England. Over 200 million Chinese speak English.

I am personally learning to speak Chinese.
I already speak English fluently.

Why speak Chinese?
Over 1 billion people speak it. This 1 billion people are still the largest language speaking people in the world. And with China growing fast economically and technologically, you had better learn Chinese too.

China is now reportedly the largest market for mobile phones, internet use, television, and ATM Machines.

Larry Ellison, CEO of ORACLE CORPORATION and one of the world’s richest men once said,”The biggest risk any one will ever make is not to invest in China”.

This is true.

As at 2007, Chinese population was about 1.371 billion. Its largest city is Shanghai and capital is Beijing. China is one of the world’s largest and fastest economy.

China’s new middle class of business people, scientist, teachers and technicians is now estimated to number about 250 million people all seeking consumables: food,clothes,domestics products etc.

What can you sell in China?
What products or services can you sell there?

Over 700 million people in rural areas mostly struggle to make a living from small plots of land. Food is a major issue in China. That is why Chinese business people invest heavily in agriculture outside of their country.

Over 400 million people travel via express ways, subways, and wide boulevard to their work in ultra-modern offices, shopping mails, and factories.

A typical Chinese seeks opportunities.
Better opportunities.
They yearn to migrate.

MLM Businesses thrive in China.

Though over 1 billion don’t speak English, literacy rate exceeds 90 percent and they have excellent work ethic. Chinese Universities churn out 5 million graduates every year.

Most Chinese want to speak English. A lot of English teachers are wanted in China. They believe that the more English they can speak the more the chance of them ruling the world. The internet that reaches over 4 billion users is structured in English.

Labour is cheap in China.
Most American organizations have their factories in China. Many Nigerians are doing same, moving factories there. China continues to rank number one among the world’s preferred destination for foreign direct investment.

350 million agricultural workers with an average income of $460, provide an almost endless reservoir of very low cost labour. Urban wokers earn an average of $1,475 per year.Urban workers are about 440 million people. In Nigerian currency that is about N18,000 a month. Yes, you can set up a factory in China, at affordable labour, and cheap production cost. Tax is also fair.

Chinese want to do business with Africans. Africa is another big market for them. Let us talk more. sms E-COMMERCE to 2348187133153. Cheers!

Linda Ikeji: Nigeria’s Richest Blogger


She has been called the “QUEEN OF BLOGGING” ; Others call her the “MOTHER OF BLOGGING” in Nigeria.

She earns more than N3 Million every month from her blog. Her office? A laptop and a modem.

Her blog talks about naija entertainment gist ,celebrity gossips ,fashion,news and events.

She is highest paid Nigerian blogger .

We talking about the popular LINDA IKEJI

Linda Ikeji was born September 19, 1980 . A native of Nkwerre LGA ,Imo State, Nigeria .She was born in to a struggling family, the second of seven children. She grew up in a Christian catholic home

At a tender age of 10 years , Linda started writing as a hobby .

The fiction she penned down were praised by her friends and family and over time she cultivated a passion for news.

Unlike many teenagers her age, Linda loved watching newscasters and interviews and by the time the opportunity presented to attend university in Lagos, her course choice was decided: Mass Communication.

She was admitted to study English Language in the university to her disappointment, but she decided to make the best of it.

To support herself and her family through school, Linda began working at the age of 17, doing everything from being a waitress and ushering to modelling and bar-tending, none of which paid a lot in the late 90′s.

She started modeling in 1998 and quit in 2005.linda-ikeji-pictures

She became a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine. After two years of toiling in the news room, she quit.

In 2004 , after she completed her university education, she worked hard to break into the journalism trade, launching her media company, Black dove Communications, a modelling agency and events management outfit.

The name Black dove was inspired by silverbird..a name and a bird. it so happens that her favourite colour is black and favourite bird is the dove.

She stayed within her comfort zone which was modeling so instead of being in front of the camera , went behind the camera by running an agency, recruiting models, training models, getting jobs for models.LINDA FASHION

” I still have the modeling agency but I am not running it anymore”, she once wrote .

She also started what she describes in her first ever blog post as her “true passion”, her magazine called, FM & B.

The first issue was released in 2006 and after discovering how capital-intensive and time-consuming magazine publishing was, only two more editions made it to print.

The blogging bug bit her in 2006.

Fortunately, in that same year, Bella Naija, another popular Nigerian blog, carried a story about Linda herself and for the first time, Linda began to see a new possibility to take her writing to the world.

Blogging had all the charm: it was free except for the cost of an internet connection, easy to do and gave you access to millions of readers instantly. From that first Bella Naija blog post, she was sold.

Linda Ikeji started blogging fully in 2007 to share things that she was interested in with her readers.

Five years later, has grown to be one of the most visited sites in the country.

As a regular source for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and many more, her blog continues to attract thousands of visitors

It took her four years to start making money from blogging.

She was patient enough

She once said:“I never even thought that I would make money from blogging. I didn’t start blogging with the mindset that one day I would make money from it. I didn’t even think that was a possibility, it never even crossed my mind. I didn’t say to myself that OK let me blog now and maybe in five years time, I will make money from it. I never imagined that it would ever happen. In fact, in 2008, 2009, I was putting free ads on my blog, I was telling my blog readers, please give me your ads and I will put them for free. But then in 2010, people started asking me for my advert rates and I was like ‘really?’ I didn’t even know what it was until I now asked a few people and they gave me their own advert rates so that is how it started.”

She has acquired two brand new cars, her dream car -a 2008 Toyota Camry which she bought two years ago a 2011

‘Been dreaming about this car since I first saw it two years ago, was finally able to afford it two days ago, after saving for almost four months. And the best part is, I have a blog to show it off, at least now some people go no say ‘levels don change’ lol.’, she wrote.

Recently acquired an Infinity FX 35 SUV worth about N8 million.CARS

Being a wonderful child to her parents , she bought a multi-million 5-bedroom duplex in Surulere for her parents.

Linda Ikeji has earned herself the title ‘Queen of Blogging’ .

Linda was persistent , focused on what she did even though there was no financial return but five years later it has yielded great profit , a talk of all.

She found a new path , Blogging .

But she persisted until 2010, when some of the stories posted on her blog began to ruffle feathers.

At a point, Linda averaged about 1 million unique visitors each month to her blog. And with that came the much-needed recognition and substantial earnings.

In August 2012, Forbes Africa described her as a success and a case study for the business of blogging.

Her blog gets over 50,000 visits daily and is a hot spot for online advertisers and people wishing to attract web traffic to their websites or blogs.

Comments on Linda’s blog can be revealing, interesting and more controversial than the post itself.LINDA LINDA

Linda’s blog reportedly rakes in an average of N3m a month from adverts from various brands and online ad networks, which makes her the highest earning blogger in Nigeria.

Blogging has brought her the fame , power and comfort ability she needed.

Her blog serves as a source of news, photos and information for most entertainment bloggers.

Most people have criticized linda saying her blog promote rumors but she decline such. Linda provides real entertainment on her blog and she will always make sure you come back for more.

Now sitting comfortably in the millionaires’ lounge , one of the youngest millionaires in Nigeria.

Want t learn and blogg like Linda Ikeji? Let me show you how to BLOG.

You will receive 3 e-books on Blogging
If you are in Uyo, you will receive hands-on training by me and other expert bloggers.

For ebooks only Pay the sum of N2000 to George Essien Fidelity Bank.6013498428. e-mail teller number and your email to 08187133153 and ebooks would be sent to you.

For those who want hands on Training. Pay the Sum of N5000 to George Essien. Fidelity Bank.6013498428. Submit Teller toPowerMinds Corporate Office.63 Udotung Ubo Street. Off Oron Road. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. 2nd Floor. Rm 1. Or call 08187133153



While I was receiving love messages from friends on my birthday, I was on my way to Ikorodu, Lagos to reflect and rediscover what was responsible for my present drift to the area I am now popularly known for. Yes, I returned back to the ancient city of Ikorodu, my place of birth. A place where ORO festival used to be celebrated. At this festival women were not allowed out and men whipped themselves on the streets

Things had indeed changed when I arrived Ikorodu.Yes, Garrage was still the same, buzzling with  lousy sellers and buyers.The statue of OGA, the first hunter that arrived Ikorodu some 100 years ago was still there.

Coming back to Ikorodu brought back loads of memories to me: The people I met, the people I grew up with and loved, the people I schooled with, the people I  prayed with, shared my dreams with, and most of all: My mother(Her grave is in our property there).

The towering Methodist Church still loomed gloriously, a tower that I could see from where we lived when I was young. Ayangbure’s palace had been renovated and this was good to know.

First, I went to the house I was born and weaned at.It was actually old and delapidated. I couldn’t recognize any one there, save a very old woman who couldn’t see me enough to recognize me. Near by was the flat that my parents had rented for 16 years…It still looked very beautiful with of course new residents. Alhaji Lassissi had done a good work to keep the place neat. Obafemi Taiwo Street had now been tarred and new houses built.

I moved over to my nursey school, a place that I had studied between 1986 to 1991. The place now laid in ruins…The school had closed. Tears filled my eyes. I had attended St. George International School, one of the best schools at the time with about 600 students back then. And yes, you guessed right…My parents owned the school. Why it closed in 1999? Only my parents can tell.

Just across the road, a road called Igbogbo road, was the secondary school I attended between 1991 to 1994. It was  established in 1949. Its name? Oriwu Model College. I would later complete my secondary education at Goodwill Secondary School, the first private School in 1997.

Igbogbo road was still narrow…Police Barracks was now fenced…Anglican Church along Ireshe road was looking still beautiful. Anibaba street, where Segun Arinze used to live as a buding Nollywood star was still tattered. Later, when Segun Arinze would meet me doing my thing in a television studio in Akwa Ibom state, he simply said, “Go to Lagos”, he did not know that I was coming from Lagos

It was also good to return back LIFE CHAPEL at the LIFE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, the place I was dedicated as a child, the place I learned about Jesus and got filled with the Holy Spirit, and learned to pray and study the bible. Most of who I am today stemmed back from the trainings of that place. It was there that I met people like Pst.Tolu Boluwatise,Tolu Meduna, Tolu Dee,  Tolulope Nwani, Philip Temi, Alex Adegoke Oyelade Tinuade,  Tosin Olateru,Isaiah Olateru,  Olufemi Lawani, Peter Lawani, Erick Boachie and many ,many friends who are today scattered all over the world.

As at the time I entered LIFE CHAPEL,I noticed that the place was under construction.The hall brought back memories upon memories.I walked around, looked at the buildings, the trees…some of them as old as 30 years.This is the same Bible Seminary  that Matthew Ashimolowo studied in the 1970s.

All in all, My going back to Ikorodu made me rediscover those things that made me me. Yes, I have lived in Uyo for more than 6 years straight….but all the people have seen these years are the manifestation of trainings I received in place called Ikorodu.

Yeah, it is true, I am still an Ikorodu boy.


skills 1


A local skill at best would make you a local champion; a global skill will give you 21st century relevance.

A skill is not a talent.

Talent is cheap; skill is rare.

Talent is just potential; skill is cultivated potential.

Skill is an  ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities

Skill is processed talent.

No body pays you much for raw rice…but they pay alot for processed and cooked rice.

What gives you value is not really talent…what gives you value in the market place is skill.

Your CERTIFICATE or degree will give you accesss to that job interview; your KNOWLEDGE will give you the job ; but it is your SKILL that would give you a promotion.

So how do you develop GLOBAL SKILLS…What are they , in the first place?

A global skill is a skill  that can put you on the world stage. Yes, it is ok to start local…but hey you must grow national…and then GO GLOBAL.


Develop Global skills today.


1. WRITING: Yes, that can put on world stage. J.K.Rowlings was that divorced school teacher that wrote HARRY PORTER and became a billionaire from selling her novels..and the movies,toys and games that have resulted from it. Chimaammanda Adichie is that Nigerian novelist whose books have not only brought fame but has also made her rich. How much was she paid when her book HALF A YELLOW SUN was made a movie by HOLLY WOOD producers? Figures have been hidden but it surely runs into millions of DOLLARS! Chinua Achebe sold more than 30 million copies of THINGS FALL APART, a book that has also been translated into several world languages.

Write a book. A novel. Look for a foreign publisher to publish you. More easily run a global blog and tag. Easy? Yes very easy. I could show you how. Just call 2347010656135

2. MODELLING AND FASHION: Are you creative? Very creative with cloth designs then take it global. With modelling you can become as successful as Noami Campell or the highest paid African Model Alek Wek.

3. SPORTS: Whether it is football, lawn tennis or golf or even boxing you can become global if you can take you skill to the world market.

4. ACTING: Last year, Genievive Nnaji was interviewed  by Oprah Winferey and was refered to as Africa’s Julia Roberts. Last week, TIMES magazine named OMOTOLA among the 100 most influencial people in the world. Recently, CNN show cased JETA AMATA’s new movie BLACK NOVEMBER  featuring Akon and Wycliffe. These Nigerian artiste and producers have made their names global by focusing on acting

5. MUSIC: DBANJ made several millions from his OLIVER TWIST hit. What kind of music would more likely take you global? Of course, HIP HOP and R and B. Other genres are behind in era. Focus on hip hop and Rand B or mix other genres with these two.

6. ICT SKILLS: Important. Know something about the ICT world. We are all on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site . Isn’t that amazing? We know him because he developed ICT skills. That includes the yahoo boys and google boys.

7.PUBLIC SPEAKING: Perhaps you may become a politician tomorrow…public speaking will just be it. That is what will distinguish from the entire lot.Learn how to speak well. The orator is king. Public speaking is not just for politics…it is for every aspect of life: business, acting, ministry.

And there are many more. But focus on these 7.

See you at the top.


SAM ADEYEMI 3Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all your getting, get understanding.

Wisdom is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It is the difference between failure and success; between poverty and prosperity; between defeat and victory; between stagnation and promotion.

We are discussing a vital key to wisdom, MENTORING.

King Solomon in the Bible had a remarkable dream. God told him to ask for anything he desired. Solomon asked only for wisdom. This was God’s reply; “Because your greatest desire is to help your people, and you haven’t asked for long life, but for wisdom and knowledge to properly guide my people, yes, I am giving you the wisdom and knowledge you asked for. And I am also giving you such riches, wealth and honour as no other king has ever had before you!”

You see, the wisest king in the Bible was also the wealthiest. Wisdom is powerful.

You Too Can Have Access To The Wise

Now, you may not encounter God in a dream like Solomon, but you can have access to wisdom too. One of the proverbs of King Solomon says, “He that walks with the wise will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.”

You too can receive wisdom through association with the wise. I call that Mentoring. It is also known as Coaching.

Dear friend, God has positioned mentors around you to minimize your mistakes and maximize your potential for success. Learn from them and get ready to rise to the top.

Mentors inspire us.

Mentors enhance our speed in life.SAM ADEYEMI 4

Mentors are our gates to greatness.

We are wise when we admit that there are people who know better than we do, and we learn from them.

Three Dimensions To Mentoring

1.         Parental Mentoring

Parents have the responsibility for grooming children for future success in their adult life. Our greatest heritage from our parents is wisdom, and God’s grace on their lives.

2.         Professional Mentoring

This is the acquisition of wisdom from teachers, employers, and those who have excelled in our chosen line of career.

3.         Pastoral Mentoring

This is the acquisition of the wisdom of God through our spiritual leaders. Several people in the Bible prospered through their relationships with ministers of the gospel.

Who Is Your Mentor

Now, in a mentoring relationship, the one who provides the wisdom is known as the mentor. The one who receives is known as the mentee or protégée.

Dear friend, who is your mentor? Archbishop Benson Idahosa once said; “If someone has achieved ten times what you are trying to achieve once, the person knows something you don’t know.”

Productive and Non- Productive Protégées

Some protégées are passive. They leave all the initiative to the mentor. They do not pursue their mentors. They do not ask probing questions. Such protégées do not get much out of a mentoring relationship.Sam-Adeyemi2

Other protégées are parasites. They only want to take advantage of the mentor. They take advantage of the mentor’s name, influence and money. They do not want to pay the price for developing themselves. And just in case the mentor corrects them, they move away.

Lastly, there are protégées who are productive. They take full advantage of the mentoring relationship and carefully apply the wisdom that they derive from it.

Let me describe some qualities of productive protégées:

1.         They invest whatever it takes to maintain contact with their mentors.

2.         They respect the advice of their mentors.

3.         They freely discuss their greatest dreams with their mentors.

4.         They discuss their fears and challenges with their mentors.

5.         The sow seeds of appreciation into the lives of their mentors.

Productive protégées publicly acknowledge and honour their mentors.  Ultimately, good protégées step into the shoes of their mentors. They become mentors themselves.

Your mentor is your doorway to the future. God will lead you and connect you with those who will bring out the best in you.  Your mentor is a preview of your future.

Qualities Of An Exceptional Mentor

1.     A mentor invests time with the protégée. Communicating wisdom requires time.

2.   Exceptional mentors usually create exceptional protégées. Like begets like

3.      The exceptional mentor measures the passion of his protégée by his pursuit of the mentor. The proof of desire is pursuit. Sometimes, a protégée needs a strong desire and perseverance to get the attention of his mentor.

4.        A mentor knows precisely the path that the protégée must tread to make it to the top. He can analyse his own success and pass on the principles that helped him to the top. He can teach also from his past mistakes.

5.    A mentor is honest enough to correct the protégée even at the risk of being misunderstood and alienated by the protégée.

6.  A mentor can often identify weaknesses in the protégée that has the potential to result in a pitfall.

7.         A mentor exposes fraudulent people to his protégée. Christ warned His disciples repeatedly about the Pharisees.

8.         The exceptional mentor desires for his protégée to go further than he has gone. “He who believes me, the works that I do shall he do and greater works than these shall he do …”

9.         The exceptional mentor is not threatened by the success of his protégée. Rather, he considers it as part of his own success.

Dear friend, ask God to direct you to mentors whose wisdom will bring divine acceleration to your destiny. Also, remember that success without a successor is failure. Pass on what you know. I believe this will be the most exciting day so far.

It is good for you to have mentors in business, marriage, career, and ministry. They will inspire, challenge and guide you. Read their books, listen to them. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Yet it is better and cheaper to acquire wisdom through the experience of others. I pray, that God will help you move away from those who will divide and subtract from you and bring into your life those who will multiply and add to you.

On the other hand, are you in a position to mentor others? You see, poor protégées hardly become excellent mentors. If God has lifted you, are you a mentor? Are you passing on your wisdom to someone? Are you a mentor as a parent or as a professional? Mentoring changes lives. You can multiply your success. When you help others to rise, you will not go down yourself.

About Sam Adeyemi: Sam Adeyemi is unarguably Nigeria’s No 1 success coach and one of the country’s leading experts on personal development and self mastery. Thousands of lives have been transformed through his inside-out coaching programme.



1. ELOQUENCE & EFFECTIVE DELIVERY: Very few speakers create the kind of atmosphere George Essien permeates On stage or behind the podium. His unusual ability to arrest audience’s attention – retain it – helps facilitate learning, the bottom line.With carefully crafted words and punchlines that have been known for ages to cause stir in people’s internal condition, George helps people become the best they can be.

2. A VAST SPEAKER: Unlike many others who focus on so-called specifics, George masters a number of core human areas that are important to personal and corporate development. His speaking spectra ranges from Success Motivation to Sales & Persuasion Technology; Speech Mastery,  Finance; and  On-line Business Opportunities , Relationship Management Strategies
3. CHARM & HUMOUR: Good looks. An audience appeal, of course…..and his sense of humour makes him a delight to listen to and view to watch

4. GOOD DICTION: Listeners are sure to be impressed at his use of words and mastery of the English Language.

5. A MOTIVATOR: People leave his meetings feeling really motivated, inspired and satisfied.

6. AN ACTIVATOR: George Essien prides himself as one who can ‘instigate’ action. His appeal and call to action is top notch

7. EXPERIENCE: George Essien has been speaking professionally for 8 years now….and really knows what it means to inspire ANY audience


8. TV & RADIO PRESENCE: His TV presence also makes him a brand appeal and one whose invitation can serve as a leverage, especially in the success of your meeting or event.

9. A CERTIFIED SPEAKER: George Essien is a certified and trained speaker. He went professional just after he finished a training with M.G.MANAGEMENT CENTER Lagos in 2005 and was part of the 2001 MINISTRY MENTOR PROGRAM of Sam Adeyemi that has evolved today into Daystar Leadership Academy.

10. ENDORSED BY THE BEST: Even the best in professional speaking industry call him guru…an emerging force in the human development industry.

11. SEMINAR CONVENER: George has successfully done 40 seminars, with large attendance. This experience may come in handy in organizing your event.

12. POPULAR BLOGGER: His strong online presence also give him an edge over other speakers you may be considering, as a public announcement will surely draw attention to your meeting.

13. SPIRITUAL: George Essien is an unapologetic spirit filled , tongue speaking christian and minster…

14. CORPORATE COMPERE PAR EXCELLENCE: George brings excellence to your corporate event

15. RESPECTED AUTHOR: His the author of 5 best selling books.

16. AFFORDABLE AND NEGOTIABLE SPEAKING FEES: George’s speaking fees are about 1000 pounds an hour or $1500 per hour, fair ,considering what his expertise brings to your table.

17. CONSULTANT: George has worked with a number of companies especially as a peak performance coach, including UCCM Educational Services, Talent Business School, AKBC, INFOACT, Dembarukas, Friends Of The Needy Organization, First Born Foundation, Heroes and Heroines Limited(Dealers with Airtel), Akwa Ibom Spelling Bee, University Of Uyo Consultancy Limited and others.

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powerminds 4Lynxxx, Omawumi, Tiwa Savage, Flavour, MI, Bez, Naeto C, Chidynma (The Voice), and Lagbaja will soon be announced as the new ambassadors for telecoms giant, Globacom. The music stars or their reps met with the management of Glo at the conference room of Eko Hotel from Monday to Friday last week.

Glo is planning to cut down on the number of old Nollywood stars who are currently their ambassadors
The new ambassadors have been interviewed, they have also negotiated the cost of engagement for a period of two years (They each will be getting between N10m/N20m annually). They have also agreed to terms and conditions for the engagement.
The stars are waiting for the official announcement after which they will all pick up their cheques. Good for them