Please note that if you are a motivational speaker and want your name listed, please send mail to powermindscommunity@yahoo.com or drgeorgeessien@gmail.com. You should have a site or a blog that contains your brief profile.The following list is in no particular order.

1. Fela Durotoye (MOTIVATION)www.feladurotoye.org
2. Leke Alder (BRANDING)www.lekealder.com
3. Ubong Essien (PUBLIC SPEAKING)www.ubongessien.com
4. Praise George(RELATIONSHIP) http://www.praisegeorge.org
5. Steve Harris (HUMAN RESOURCE)www.iamsteveharris.com
6Adeolu Akinyemi (NETWORK MARKETING)www.deoluakinyemi.com
7. Damilola Oluwayinbo (MOTIVATION)www.damilolaOluwayinbo.com
8. Niyi Adesanya www.(LEADERSHIP)niyidesanya.com
9. Uju Onyechere (MOTIVATION)www.mrujuonyechere.com
10 George Essien (PEAK PERFORMANCE)www.georgeessien.com
11. Robert Boniface (MOTIVATION)www.robertboniface.wordpress.com
12 Emeka Obia(MOTIVATION) http://www.emekatalks.wordpress.com
13. Eno-obong George (MOTIVATION)www.nicheandradiance.wordpress.com
14. Solomon James (NETWORK MARKETING)www.solomonjames.org
15 Jephter Akaehie (PEAK PERFORMANCE)www.jephterakaehie.com
16. Usen James (MOTIVATION)www.usenjames.com
17Anthony B. Sam(MOTIVATION) http://www.anthonysam.com
18.Ariel Greatness(MOTIVATION) http://www.iamarielgreatnesswordpress.com
19 Dennis Isong(INTERNET BUSINESS) http://www.dennisisong.com
20. Mo Abudu (MOTIVATION)www.ebonylifetv.com
21 Edwin King (MOTIVATION) +2348063672093
22 Emmanuel Mike (MOTIVATION) +2348163641798
23. Joseph Awatim (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT)+2348096400779
24.Nnene Odiraa Okeke (WOMEN DEVELOPMENT)+2348064296981
25.Paul Nwokocha(MOTIVATION) +2347023901907
26.Pete Boniface (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT)+2348061210334
27. Iyabo Oyawale(INTERNET BUSINESS) http://www.askiyabooyawale.com
28. Timothy Anietie (INTERNET BUSINESS)www.timtechsolution.com
29. Sunny Obazu-Ojegbase (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT)www.sunnyobazuojegbase.com
30. Kingsley Obiakor (NETWORK MARKETING)www.kingsleyobiakor.com
31. Osiri Wisdom (MOTIVATION)www.thewisdomplace.net
32. Victor Adeyemi (BRANDING)www.ekojournalist.com
33.AlexGreat Akhigbe (MOTIVATION)www.passionhouse.com
34. Akin Alabi (INTERNET BUSINESS)www.akinalbi.com
35.Sanmi Akindipe (REAL ESTATE) http://www.liftupradio.com
37.Sam Adeyemi (MOTIVATIONALS) http://www.samadeyemiministries.com
38Titilayo Ama Spread (ENTREPRENEURSHIP) http://www.spreadmediang.com
39.Angela Ihunweze (ENTREPRENEURSHIP) http://www.angelaitambo.com
40. Kakue Gbenegbara (IMPORTATIONS/BUSINESS) 08037630912.
41.Chinyere Anokwuru ( WOMEN EMPOWERMENT) http://www.selfworthorganization.org
42.Vic Ways (MOTIVATION) +2348037679601
43.Treasure ‘teekay’ Kalu www.(MOTIVATION)thenextphase.sermon.net
44Success Ekpenyong (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT) +2348032707580
45Nikky-baby Israel Eshiet (CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT) +2347030459215
46Kelechi Anyalechi(HUMAN RESOURCES)
47 Wale Akinyemi(HUMAN RESOURCE) http://www.powertalks.com
48.Akachi Nwoke (FINANCE)
49Peter ‘Humble’ Essien (BUSINESS)
50 Segun Alabi Pshegs (MOTIVATIONALS)

Well, the list is still building. We intend to increase the pile and put it together in a MOTIVATIONALSPEAKERS BUREAU. Nigerianspeakers.com(Still under construction) will begin to advertise it. Send your profile to powermindscommunity@yahoo.com. It is not everyone. We will screen. It is free until the end of January, 2014



Talent2 power

You probably have read John Maxwell’s book: TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH. A truism in every sense of the title.

Talent must be converted skill for it to have market value.

Talent is common. Dedication is rare.It takes dedication to convert talent to skill.

There are 4 ways a talent can be expressed. First, there is the scientific expression of your talent. Second, the artistic expression of your talent. Third, the technological expression of your talent. Fourth, the business expression of your talent.

Let us focus on the business side.

There are 3 ways to commercialize your talent; 3 ways to make profit from your talent. Let us look at them quickly.

First, BRAND YOUR TALENT. What this simply means is what qualities of your talent differentiates, distinguishes your talent from others? What sets you apart from others? What is your USP -Unique Selling Point?

Branding also entails what dress style, slogan, colour, voice pitch, name  you have have that  makes your talent remain in the minds of people. A brand is that colour, logo, name, slogan, style that sets your talent apart from others, that make people quickly notice.

Your job is to accentuate it!

This is what makes you worth commercial value in the market place.

People pay more for brands than for products or services. That is why events organizers would pay Basket Mouth N2 Million for comedy and owe another comedian N30,000 after the same event.

Second, PACKAGE YOUR TALENT. Packaging attracts.

Packaging involves doing a complementary card, having a business manager, having a website, having your demos and profile brochures.

Packaging also means converting your talent to selleable and well packaged  products.For example, having a musical album, a show, a book, a magazine, a radio program etc.

Package products sell higher than unpackaged products.

Packaging is also a form of branding, just that it focuses on appeal and perception than distinguishing feautures of that talent.

Third, PROMOTE YOUR TALENT. Nothing succeeds until somebody sells. At the beginning of your carreer , you must promote your talents/ products. You must scout for jobs, look for them. You must accept every invitation and make sure that you have alot of visibility. Continous promotion would eventually pay off financially.



FAILUREMost of us are programmed to believe that failure – of any kind – is bad and wrong. We’re programmed by our parents, by the school systems, by society in general. The trouble is, failure is essential to the process of growth and change. Here are 5 reasons why I think it’s imperative to allow yourself permission to fail!

1) You Learn Who You Aren’t
By taking a risk and trying something new, you can learn a lot about what IS possible or what you CAN do; but you can also learn exactly the opposite. It can be just as important to learn what you can’t do, and by extension, who you are not. You never know until you try, right? Sometimes what you learn is that you should NEVER try it again, and that is extremely valuable information!
2) You Earn Freedom
Once you get comfortable with failure through your own experiences if it, you become less adverse to taking risks, which can pay off in big ways. You will be more willing to jump when an unexpected opportunity shows up in your life – because the threat of failure no longer looms so heavy and keeps you in the mindset of “staying safe.”
3) Failure Is Funny
Failure isn’t something to avoid, but something to embrace and get your sense of humor about! Think of all the sitcoms you’ve watched. Consider about all the stories your friends tell after that 3rd glass of wine at parties. Life is made up of rich, complex – and yes, hilarious – disasters. Pad your own storybook with a couple more “that time I…” stories and you’ll never be at a loss for an amusing story or anecdote to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

4) What Are You So Afraid Of?
Fear is the most paralyzing energy of all in our lives. Are you secretly so afraid to fail that you’ve never lived your own life, never made your own choices, never really reached for what you thought was possible for yourself? Most people rarely try anything outside the box simply because they are too afraid to be seen as failures. Chances are your friends, family, and colleagues will see you as a person willing to take risks – regardless of the outcome, and even if you fail. And while you might fail, you might just create the change you were looking to create in an unexpected way. Life, like failure itself, if funny like that.

5) Great Leaders Are Often Failures
Watch the embedded video to see just a couple of examples. Great leaders are often fearless risk takers who gamble it all and win big. They also tend to have a great grasp of who they are, and what kind of change is possible for them. There’s really only one way to have that knowledge of yourself!


skills 1


A local skill at best would make you a local champion; a global skill will give you 21st century relevance.

A skill is not a talent.

Talent is cheap; skill is rare.

Talent is just potential; skill is cultivated potential.

Skill is an  ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities

Skill is processed talent.

No body pays you much for raw rice…but they pay alot for processed and cooked rice.

What gives you value is not really talent…what gives you value in the market place is skill.

Your CERTIFICATE or degree will give you accesss to that job interview; your KNOWLEDGE will give you the job ; but it is your SKILL that would give you a promotion.

So how do you develop GLOBAL SKILLS…What are they , in the first place?

A global skill is a skill  that can put you on the world stage. Yes, it is ok to start local…but hey you must grow national…and then GO GLOBAL.


Develop Global skills today.


1. WRITING: Yes, that can put on world stage. J.K.Rowlings was that divorced school teacher that wrote HARRY PORTER and became a billionaire from selling her novels..and the movies,toys and games that have resulted from it. Chimaammanda Adichie is that Nigerian novelist whose books have not only brought fame but has also made her rich. How much was she paid when her book HALF A YELLOW SUN was made a movie by HOLLY WOOD producers? Figures have been hidden but it surely runs into millions of DOLLARS! Chinua Achebe sold more than 30 million copies of THINGS FALL APART, a book that has also been translated into several world languages.

Write a book. A novel. Look for a foreign publisher to publish you. More easily run a global blog and tag. Easy? Yes very easy. I could show you how. Just call 2347010656135

2. MODELLING AND FASHION: Are you creative? Very creative with cloth designs then take it global. With modelling you can become as successful as Noami Campell or the highest paid African Model Alek Wek.

3. SPORTS: Whether it is football, lawn tennis or golf or even boxing you can become global if you can take you skill to the world market.

4. ACTING: Last year, Genievive Nnaji was interviewed  by Oprah Winferey and was refered to as Africa’s Julia Roberts. Last week, TIMES magazine named OMOTOLA among the 100 most influencial people in the world. Recently, CNN show cased JETA AMATA’s new movie BLACK NOVEMBER  featuring Akon and Wycliffe. These Nigerian artiste and producers have made their names global by focusing on acting

5. MUSIC: DBANJ made several millions from his OLIVER TWIST hit. What kind of music would more likely take you global? Of course, HIP HOP and R and B. Other genres are behind in era. Focus on hip hop and Rand B or mix other genres with these two.

6. ICT SKILLS: Important. Know something about the ICT world. We are all on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site . Isn’t that amazing? We know him because he developed ICT skills. That includes the yahoo boys and google boys.

7.PUBLIC SPEAKING: Perhaps you may become a politician tomorrow…public speaking will just be it. That is what will distinguish from the entire lot.Learn how to speak well. The orator is king. Public speaking is not just for politics…it is for every aspect of life: business, acting, ministry.

And there are many more. But focus on these 7.

See you at the top.

The Formula for Failure and Success – Jim Rohn

jim-rohn1Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the inevitable result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices. To put it more simply, failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day. Now why would someone make an error in judgment and then be so foolish as to repeat it every day?

The answer is because he or she does not think that it matters.

On their own, our daily acts do not seem that important. A minor oversight, a poor decision, or a wasted hour generally doesn’t result in an instant and measurable impact. More often than not, we escape from any immediate consequences of our deeds.

If we have not bothered to read a single book in the past ninety days, this lack of discipline does not seem to have any immediate impact on our lives. And since nothing drastic happened to us after the first ninety days, we repeat this error in judgment for another ninety days, and on and on it goes. Why? Because it doesn’t seem to matter. And herein lies the great danger. Far worse than not reading the books is not even realizing that it matters!

Those who eat too many of the wrong foods are contributing to a future health problem, but the joy of the moment overshadows the consequence of the future. It does not seem to matter. Those who smoke too much or drink too much go on making these poor choices year after year after year… because it doesn’t seem to matter. But the pain and regret of these errors in judgment have only been delayed for a future time. Consequences are seldom instant; instead, they accumulate until the inevitable day of reckoning finally arrives and the price must be paid for our poor choices – choices that didn’t seem to matter.

Failure’s most dangerous attribute is its subtlety. In the short term those little errors don’t seem to make any difference. We do not seem to be failing. In fact, sometimes these accumulated errors in judgment occur throughout a period of great joy and prosperity in our lives. Since nothing terrible happens to us, since there are no instant consequences to capture our attention, we simply drift from one day to the next, repeating the errors, thinking the wrong thoughts, listening to the wrong voices and making the wrong choices. The sky did not fall in on us yesterday; therefore the act was probably harmless. Since it seemed to have no measurable consequence, it is probably safe to repeat.

But we must become better educated than that!

If at the end of the day when we made our first error in judgment the sky had fallen in on us, we undoubtedly would have taken immediate steps to ensure that the act would never be repeated again. Like the child who places his hand on a hot burner despite his parents’ warnings, we would have had an instantaneous experience accompanying our error in judgment.

Unfortunately, failure does not shout out its warnings as our parents once did. This is why it is imperative to refine our philosophy in order to be able to make better choices. With a powerful, personal philosophy guiding our every step, we become more aware of our errors in judgment and more aware that each error really does matter.

Now here is the great news. Just like the formula for failure, the formula for success is easy to follow: It’s a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

Now here is an interesting question worth pondering: How can we change the errors in the formula for failure into the disciplines required in the formula for success? The answer is by making the future an important part of our current philosophy.

Both success and failure involve future consequences, namely the inevitable rewards or unavoidable regrets resulting from past activities. If this is true, why don’t more people take time to ponder the future? The answer is simple: They are so caught up in the current moment that it doesn’t seem to matter. The problems and the rewards of today are so absorbing to some human beings that they never pause long enough to think about tomorrow.Jim-Rohn 2

But what if we did develop a new discipline to take just a few minutes every day to look a little further down the road? We would then be able to foresee the impending consequences of our current conduct. Armed with that valuable information, we would be able to take the necessary action to change our errors into new success-oriented disciplines. In other words, by disciplining ourselves to see the future in advance, we would be able to change our thinking, amend our errors and develop new habits to replace the old.

One of the exciting things about the formula for success – a few simple disciplines practiced every day – is that the results are almost immediate. As we voluntarily change daily errors into daily disciplines, we experience positive results in a very short period of time. When we change our diet, our health improves noticeably in just a few weeks. When we start exercising, we feel a new vitality almost immediately. When we begin reading, we experience a growing awareness and a new level of self-confidence. Whatever new discipline we begin to practice daily will produce exciting results that will drive us to become even better at developing new disciplines.

The real magic of new disciplines is that they will cause us to amend our thinking. If we were to start today to read the books, keep a journal, attend the classes, listen more and observe more, then today would be the first day of a new life leading to a better future. If we were to start today to try harder, and in every way make a conscious and consistent effort to change subtle and deadly errors into constructive and rewarding disciplines, we would never again settle for a life of existence – not once we have tasted the fruits of a life of substance!

The Time is NOW! – LES BROWN

Les-Brown1In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact. Unfortunately, far too many people are allowing those opportunities to slip away without ever noticing them. Why? Because they either burn out, reach a plateau or find themselves stuck in a rut. Before they know it, minutes have turned into hours, hours into days, days into months, and months into years of lost chances. I call it “The Curse of the Comfort Zone.” It sounds like the title of a horror movie, but it’s a real-life epidemic that’s keeping many people from rising to greatness. Fortunately, there are solutions that will help you crown every day with that “first day” freshness, enthusiasm and determination.

Just for a moment, think back on some of the finest “first days” you’ve had in life; your first day on any job, at a new school, in a budding relationship. You could feel that adrenaline rush as you surveyed new opportunities and savored every magical moment. Your passion was to be the best and brightest and you made every effort to remember key details. You looked for opportunities to shine and be innovative. Unfortunately, as time passed, you may have lost some of your jump-start enthusiasm. Boredom replaced energy; clutter replaced fresh ideas and humdrum routines replaced creativity. You went from having pep in your step to not wanting to get out of bed.Les-Brown-Photo2

How do you rekindle and keep that “first day” focus and enthusiasm? Consider these solutions:

Remember, Every Day Is a Gift to You: The best gifts are those we not only cherish but put to use. Each day is a gift filled with opportunities to rise above fear, self-doubt and mediocrity to fulfill our purpose. Make each day count by setting specific goals to succeed, then putting forth every effort to exceed your own expectations.

Use the Power You Already Have: We were all born with a certain degree of power. The key to success is discovering this innate power and using it daily to deal with whatever challenges come our way. Don’t wait for others to open doors for you. People in the most-dire circumstances have found innovative ways to open doors to freedom, education and business success by creating their own force fields. Make a conscious effort to find your power source, use it to fuel your passion, and release the greatness within you.

Stay Alert: When you ignore new opportunities, you open the door to boredom, resulting in complacency and lack of growth. Open your eyes and see yourself as a go-getter with the power to turn “no” into a “yes.” Be determined to blaze trails that will take you where no one has gone before.

Determination Finds Many Ways to Succeed: Many people become discouraged when they encounter difficulty in reaching their goals. However, most highly successful people didn’t reach their goals without obstacles. Their golden achievements came only after having doors closed in their faces, dreams derailed by mistakes and setbacks, and naysayers constantly telling them they weren’t good enough. However, the difference between those who have won and those who have thrown up their hands in defeat is often in the level of persistence. In tough times, the winners have drawn on that incredible resolve every human being possesses and stood firm against the odds. If you encounter a roadblock, think of a dozen ways to get around it and take action. Remember, there’s more than one road to success.

Improve Yourself Constantly: As the global marketplace changes, we must stay abreast of what’s going on, and constantly improve our knowledge and skills to meet demands. Each day, make a commitment to be better, more knowledgeable, and more in touch than you were yesterday. Periodically enroll in classes or access self-help toolkits that will help you to improve yourself.

Actions for Today and Tomorrow: Going forward, here are three steps to take in the next 48 hours that will help you treat each day like your first day in business: At the end of each day, keep a journal of your accomplishments for that day and the things you need to improve. Pat yourself on the back for your good points and make immediate plans to improve any weaknesses you note. This will help you to stay focused on your goals and what you need to do to reach them.

As you begin each workday, see yourself as a true champion. Visualize yourself speaking positively and confidently, walking or sitting with good posture, remembering names and details, and receiving praise and rewards for your efforts.

Keep a highly visible plaque, picture or inspiring quote in your workplace that reminds you of your purpose and why your work is important. It should be a visual so powerful that it will inspire you each time you see it. This reminder will help you to maintain that fresh “first day” focus as you press toward your goals.

Visit Les Brown on http://www.lesbrown.com


http://www.georgeessien.com. 2348187133152

1. ELOQUENCE & EFFECTIVE DELIVERY: Very few speakers create the kind of atmosphere George Essien permeates On stage or behind the podium. His unusual ability to arrest audience’s attention – retain it – helps facilitate learning, the bottom line.With carefully crafted words and punchlines that have been known for ages to cause stir in people’s internal condition, George helps people become the best they can be.

2. A VAST SPEAKER: Unlike many others who focus on so-called specifics, George masters a number of core human areas that are important to personal and corporate development. His speaking spectra ranges from Success Motivation to Sales & Persuasion Technology; Speech Mastery,  Finance; and  On-line Business Opportunities , Relationship Management Strategies
3. CHARM & HUMOUR: Good looks. An audience appeal, of course…..and his sense of humour makes him a delight to listen to and view to watch

4. GOOD DICTION: Listeners are sure to be impressed at his use of words and mastery of the English Language.

5. A MOTIVATOR: People leave his meetings feeling really motivated, inspired and satisfied.

6. AN ACTIVATOR: George Essien prides himself as one who can ‘instigate’ action. His appeal and call to action is top notch

7. EXPERIENCE: George Essien has been speaking professionally for 8 years now….and really knows what it means to inspire ANY audience


8. TV & RADIO PRESENCE: His TV presence also makes him a brand appeal and one whose invitation can serve as a leverage, especially in the success of your meeting or event.

9. A CERTIFIED SPEAKER: George Essien is a certified and trained speaker. He went professional just after he finished a training with M.G.MANAGEMENT CENTER Lagos in 2005 and was part of the 2001 MINISTRY MENTOR PROGRAM of Sam Adeyemi that has evolved today into Daystar Leadership Academy.

10. ENDORSED BY THE BEST: Even the best in professional speaking industry call him guru…an emerging force in the human development industry.

11. SEMINAR CONVENER: George has successfully done 40 seminars, with large attendance. This experience may come in handy in organizing your event.

12. POPULAR BLOGGER: His strong online presence also give him an edge over other speakers you may be considering, as a public announcement will surely draw attention to your meeting.

13. SPIRITUAL: George Essien is an unapologetic spirit filled , tongue speaking christian and minster…

14. CORPORATE COMPERE PAR EXCELLENCE: George brings excellence to your corporate event

15. RESPECTED AUTHOR: His the author of 5 best selling books.

16. AFFORDABLE AND NEGOTIABLE SPEAKING FEES: George’s speaking fees are about 1000 pounds an hour or $1500 per hour, fair ,considering what his expertise brings to your table.

17. CONSULTANT: George has worked with a number of companies especially as a peak performance coach, including UCCM Educational Services, Talent Business School, AKBC, INFOACT, Dembarukas, Friends Of The Needy Organization, First Born Foundation, Heroes and Heroines Limited(Dealers with Airtel), Akwa Ibom Spelling Bee, University Of Uyo Consultancy Limited and others.

To have him speak at your next event, call +2348187133153