We have been looking at the behavior of money. Understanding this enigmatic entity will help you master it and use it well, especially those who are in business. We said that the first behavior of money is that it is a reward for solving problems. When you find a need, there lies an opportunity. Wherever there are problems or crises, there are several opportunities to make money. Challenges are opportunities cleverly disguised. Do you think Nigeria has a lot of issues? If you think so then that means Nigeria is a great place to make money.

We also said that Money has feminine tendencies. That is ‘her’ second behavior. She acts like a woman. She is a hearing entity. Any one who cannot speak and sell cannot be rich. She loves to be wooed like any woman would. Note that some of the richest people in your area are amazing persuaders and negotiators. We also noted that she marries bright ideas. When a man of money meets a man of ideas, exchange invariably occurs.

Let’s look at the third behavior of money this week.


When money is given more room, she can be controlling. You used to seduce her, now she begins to seduce you. If you work hard, solve problems, use your creative ideas, money will eventually come to you. She can become so glamorous, you begin to worship her. She begins to tell you what to do, where to go, who to associate with. You used to have people around you, now she instills arrogance in you that makes you look down on people. After all, your queen (money) is more beautiful than theirs.


Money is an amplifier; she makes your life louder. Whatever you were before she came into your life becomes more prominent. If, for example, you weren’t a giver before she came in, your selfishness would be made prominent. If it is the other way around, that is, you are philanthropic; your benevolence will be more pronounced.

Money reveals character. You may not know a person when he doesn’t have so much; but when she walks in and takes over, the real person comes to light. John C. Maxwell once wrote: “Man has been known to survive the severest challenges, but if you want to test a person’s character, give him power”. Money is a form of power.

MONEYMoney can make you lose friends; yes, the company of very good friends and loved ones. That is why I would encourage you to first develop healthy character traits first before you become wealthy.

Money isn’t bad necessarily, I must add. Money is basically an inert material. She is neither moral nor immoral; she is amoral. That is, neither good nor bad; neither black nor white. If anything, she is grey.

We are the ones who give money the character she possesses. Money amplifies her possessor. Whatever you are becomes louder by the presence of money.


A lot of people bask in the euphoria of the rush and glory of money. Now because when money comes, she comes in an unprecedented rush and seemingly she lingers. It may be assumed that money would never leave. But she does. This is a fact you should never forget about money. She takes up wings. In place of money you have investments, create portfolios that allows money to keep coming again and again. Remember that money is liquid; it is designed to flow. That is why she is called ‘currency’

The other day my younger sister, after perusing these lines, said to me, “Money is such a prostitute. You must share her with others. That is the only way she can fall in love with you again and keep coming back”. I scowled, and then I laughed. I got her point. Do you?



skills 1


A local skill at best would make you a local champion; a global skill will give you 21st century relevance.

A skill is not a talent.

Talent is cheap; skill is rare.

Talent is just potential; skill is cultivated potential.

Skill is an  ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities

Skill is processed talent.

No body pays you much for raw rice…but they pay alot for processed and cooked rice.

What gives you value is not really talent…what gives you value in the market place is skill.

Your CERTIFICATE or degree will give you accesss to that job interview; your KNOWLEDGE will give you the job ; but it is your SKILL that would give you a promotion.

So how do you develop GLOBAL SKILLS…What are they , in the first place?

A global skill is a skill  that can put you on the world stage. Yes, it is ok to start local…but hey you must grow national…and then GO GLOBAL.


Develop Global skills today.


1. WRITING: Yes, that can put on world stage. J.K.Rowlings was that divorced school teacher that wrote HARRY PORTER and became a billionaire from selling her novels..and the movies,toys and games that have resulted from it. Chimaammanda Adichie is that Nigerian novelist whose books have not only brought fame but has also made her rich. How much was she paid when her book HALF A YELLOW SUN was made a movie by HOLLY WOOD producers? Figures have been hidden but it surely runs into millions of DOLLARS! Chinua Achebe sold more than 30 million copies of THINGS FALL APART, a book that has also been translated into several world languages.

Write a book. A novel. Look for a foreign publisher to publish you. More easily run a global blog and tag. Easy? Yes very easy. I could show you how. Just call 2347010656135

2. MODELLING AND FASHION: Are you creative? Very creative with cloth designs then take it global. With modelling you can become as successful as Noami Campell or the highest paid African Model Alek Wek.

3. SPORTS: Whether it is football, lawn tennis or golf or even boxing you can become global if you can take you skill to the world market.

4. ACTING: Last year, Genievive Nnaji was interviewed  by Oprah Winferey and was refered to as Africa’s Julia Roberts. Last week, TIMES magazine named OMOTOLA among the 100 most influencial people in the world. Recently, CNN show cased JETA AMATA’s new movie BLACK NOVEMBER  featuring Akon and Wycliffe. These Nigerian artiste and producers have made their names global by focusing on acting

5. MUSIC: DBANJ made several millions from his OLIVER TWIST hit. What kind of music would more likely take you global? Of course, HIP HOP and R and B. Other genres are behind in era. Focus on hip hop and Rand B or mix other genres with these two.

6. ICT SKILLS: Important. Know something about the ICT world. We are all on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site . Isn’t that amazing? We know him because he developed ICT skills. That includes the yahoo boys and google boys.

7.PUBLIC SPEAKING: Perhaps you may become a politician tomorrow…public speaking will just be it. That is what will distinguish from the entire lot.Learn how to speak well. The orator is king. Public speaking is not just for politics…it is for every aspect of life: business, acting, ministry.

And there are many more. But focus on these 7.

See you at the top.


Your life is a story.

Some of us have dramas and some of us have comedies.

Others may feel their life story is more of a horror film.

What matters though is that we all have a story. Someone somewhere out there is going through the same situation as you and they could really benefit from your story.

Every single day I want to quit. Every single day I will go through struggles that will make me question what it is that I am doing here and why. Yesterday, after feeling extremely frustrated, I realized something. I am just creating my story. Most people who are successful today, have some story of struggle or adversity beforehand. Don’t let that adversity scare you, but embrace it. Adversity makes you authentic and it makes you easier to relate with.

You are creating your story every single day.

Usually when you watch a sales presentation or a sales funnel from someone doing internet marketing, they tell you some sort of story.

So right now you may be going through a rough situation where you don’t have money or success or even your own house and that’s okay. Who you are today is creating your story for tomorrow.

adversityWhere are you in your business right now? Have you reached that goal of success yet? The worst thing you could do is reach a place of success and not remember the fine details that brought you there. Write down your problems. Write down every time you feel like quitting. This serves two purposes. One, your getting your emotions out on paper which is a very powerful way to relieve stress and you’ve created your story at the same time.

Reveal yourself to the world!

Don’t be a mystery, be yourself. Don’t be undefined. Define yourself to the world. Let everyone know who you are. Some people may join your business just because they like you or just because they trust you. If people don’t like or trust you, they will never get into your business. Gain others trust through real conversations with people and real stories. Nothing converts sales better.

So are you going to do what other successful people are doing or continue with those old methods?

Jesus used stories or metaphors to give people a greater understanding of what factual information that he was trying to convey. Most people buy based on emotion and not on logic. Stories build emotion, while facts just get absorbed as facts. Embrace your struggles from today and know that they are not negatives in your life. The struggles of today will soon become the source of your income in the future.


If you have been wanting to learn how to generate money for yourself, and not just a little money, but a great deal of money, then you will want to find out more about streamsthis investment wizard. Mr. Robert Allen is one of the most influential men of the century in describing ways to make money in the field of real estate.

He has two books that your should read entitled, Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income. He also offers CD programs entitled The Road to Wealth and Multiple Streams of Income. These programs offer the buyer many ideas and tips on how to get your share of the money that is to be made in both real estate and in the online marketplace. One of his biggest selling books is called Nothing Down Real Estate and this is the book that guaranteed Mr. Allen his place on the A list.

Thousands of people have ordered these books and taken seminars or classes from Mr. Allen and have come away as winners. You can read for yourself numerous testimonials from satisfied and happy students who took advantage of the information that Robert G. Allen is able to share. He is not afraid to show you that his methods do work and you can become wealthier than you dreamed possible in just a few short weeks or months.

Robert Allen has been on Good Morning America, Larry King Live and the Regis Philbin Show, and he has shared his methods with people in these audiences who have turned around and made tens of thousands of dollars for themselves. One man made over 15,000 dollars in less than 10 weeks using the investment methods that were told to him by Robert Allen. There are many of these instances documented which gives further credence to the statements made by Mr. Allen which concern how easy these methods are for anyone to be able to use.

He has an ongoing challenge now that he can show you how to go to any online computer and make almost 1000 dollars an hour for 24 hours using his methods. Robert Allen has actually shown reporters and skeptics alike that this is possible. He was able to show doubting reporters that he could buy almost 1 million dollars worth of real estate with nothing down while they were with him to document his progress every step of the way.

If you have been looking for someone who can show you the correct steps to making the money of a lifetime, Robert G. Allen is the man who can do it. He has taught these strategies to over 150,000 people at seminars and classes around the country and he can teach them to you.

Joshua Valentine is a top internet marketer who works with industry leaders from around the world. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.




“For you to make good money globally you must learn two languages: English and Chinese”, Xavier Effiong said to me over lunch of fried rice and chicken at his house.

I halted my fork assault on the chicken mid air.
That statement actually did bring to a meditative halt.

Remember Xavier Effiong, the one I spoke about in part one and part two?

If you missed it, you can look at it in these links and

“Forget your native language”, Xavier Effiong continued. “All that is for sentimental reasons. Master English and Chinese for global business relevance.”

I eventually sliced the chicken and ate a piece.

Then another punch line came !

“Your finances are as good as your financial intelligence”, Xavier said to me. “If you don’t have a growing asset portfolio then you are not as financially intelligent as you think you are….If your income is still linear, still dependent on your presence before you can make profit, then your financial intelligence is still low. Very low.The chances of you being rich on paid employment is very slim. It is possible but very slim legitimately. Most employees who suddenly get rich are thieves. They still from their employers – either their employer’s time or their money.”

I had to nod…and then process the thoughts I was receiving.

“And mind you, it has nothing to do with University education or accounting knowledge.I mean the financial knowledge, not University education. I finished with a first class in two Universities so I know what I am saying.” Xavier added.

In recent times I have been unlearning, learning and relearning from a young man I think is the most frugal man in the world. Yes, frugal but with a growing asset portfolio that would open any man’s mouth. All I keep asking him is, “How do you do it?”

Once, he was driving me to see one of his clients and he said to me. ” George Essien do you really want to be rich?”

I turned to look at him, almost surprised, and answered, “Yes?”

“Sure?” He further asked. And I wondered why.

“Yes”, I answered again.

“Then you must focus all your energies in any of the 4 sure vehicles to financial freedom?”

“What are they?” I asked.

“First, THE INTERNET. Yes…master, the internet. Take your offline business online. Sell your products and services online. Learn everything that you can about the internet. The next set of millionaires and billionaires in Nigeria in the next 30 years will come from the internet. Over 20 million Nigerians, sources say, are online every day. There are over 1.2 billion people on the social media around the world.”

“Yeah, “I responded. Since 2011, I have invested hundreds of hours in my internet education. The likes of Dennis Isong and Timothy Anietie also inspired me to begin and to take my offline business online. So I should know what Xavier was saying. By the way, you can get started on your internet education, please read these links and follow instructions to get started:

“Second,” Xavier said. “Business. Buying and selling. That is the second sure vehicle to financial freedom. …Sam Walton is an example. Walmart, his supermarket /company, makes more money yearly than Exxon Mobil.

“To be rich, sell consumables. Consumables sell faster and are liquid. For example, food, toiletries, clothes etc are examples of consumables. That is the fastest way to succeed in business. Consumables!…never forget that!

“And then, sell products that have HIGH REPEAT ORDER RATE. What that means is that you should be in businesses that people can call you back again and again.”

At this time, I had to grab a note.

“Third, is REAL ESTATE. I made my first N2.2 Million Naira from selling properties. And you don’t need capital to be in real estate. Simply start by being a middle man. Look for the seller and the buyer. Get the transaction and get a commission. That is how I started…and then had capital to buy my first land.

“Lot to talk about there”, Xavier said enthusiastically. “But that is the fastest way making your first million.”

“Interesting”, I nodded, scribbling away.

“Fourth, INVESTMENT. Put your money in shares, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex. Another way to rise up financially. Models? Warren Buffet!”

Then he gave a booming laughter.

A lot to talk about this eccentric fellow.

I was being bombarded with info from left right and center.

I asked him whether he would want to be on my TV show and he promised to be on it this Thursday. By 9 am. AKBC TV.

Also, I am thinking of putting together a seminar and having him share these philosophies of his. I have discussed with him. Saturday, April 6, 2013 has been fixed.

The seminar would be free. Yes TOTALLY FREE.

But Xavier wants to work with just 20. As a matter of fact, he said 10. I had to beg him to work 20 because I know that a lot of people would be interested.

To be part of the 20, just send SPEND LESS EARN MORE to 08187133153. Or if you are outside Nigeria, send a mail to

Once we have 20, we would close registration.


Then send SPEND LESS EARN MORE to 08187133153 NOW!

Let one I call the most frugal financial guru show you how.

And you had better. The last post I put on INTERNET BUSINESS had several people calling and texting in so do yours now.

All the best.



When you ask God to make you financially buoyant, He gives you an idea.
When you ask God for a harvest, He gives you a seed. When you ask God for greatness and fame, He gives you a talent.
The birth of an idea could be the emergence of a business empire. The death of a seed could be the death of a forest.
The dormancy of a talent could be the death of greatness.

All that you have is all that you need to get whatever it is you want. Whatever you don’t have, you don’t need. Use what you have right now to get whatever it is that you need.
As a matter of fact, if you can think long enough what you have is enough.

There is a world class idea you possess. It is God’s gift to you. Be sensitive to it. God’s answer to many of your prayers are ideas you have probably ignored.
Every year, at least 4 ideas that are capable of changing our financial status come to us. One idea worked on and realized is all you need to leave your name in the sands of time.

IDEA 3Search for that idea. Write down every idea that comes to you. Take once a week to look at the various ideas you have written. One of them is usually ‘It’. One of them can dramatically change your story. One of them can bring you streams of income. One of them is big enough to be bequeathed to your next generation. Something in your subconscious will tell which one is the one. But you have got to be sensitive to the ideas you are receiving. Are you ignoring ideas? Are you taking note of them?

Never forget this: Ideas are God’s answers to your prayers. Always take note of your ideas. As a matter of fact, your break through idea may be that idea that came with small passion. Yet if you write and brood on all your ideas you will notice it. Some ideas need to be brooded upon for the fire, the potency in them to break out from the literal capsule covering them.
Have a diary and a note pad around you always. Leave it by the stool by your bed even when you sleep. I do.

That is the attitude of expecting God to speak to you through ideas. Also, have a note pad when you read a book, when you read the Bible or when you are listening to a sermon or inspired message. Always take notes.

Now, let me show you other ways to turn your ideas into realities. Didn’t get the first? The first is to WRITE IDEAS DOWN. Why? Because the first time your ideas become real is when they are written on paper. That is the beginning process. Writing is creation. It is the beginning process of putting ‘flesh to the word’.

That said, here is the next one. Draft out your ideas into GOALS. Simply put, a goal is an idea with a deadline. You see, deadlines inspire positive tension. When there is this tension, this pressure, everything in you begins to move. This movement inspires energy and this energy is your power to succeed.

Goals facilitate the realization of an idea. It is an idea projected and fixed with a deadline. It keeps the idea always in mind. That is the second way to begin. Write out the idea then make it a goal. Fix a deadline for its accomplishment.

Third, create a PLAN. A plan is an idea drafted out. A plan is a series of actions you will take. Success begins with a plan. A plan tells you the people you are suppose to meet or call. A plan tells you the skills you must acquire, the books you must read, the seminars you must attend, the education you must get. The success of any idea is in the plan, not necessarily in the execution. If the plan is right and accurate, execution would not be as hard. The reason for most failures is inaccurate plan. Success isn’t by hard work but by smart work. Success is work intelligently directed.

Fourth, develop a STRATEGY. A strategy is an idea drafted out with outwitting the competition or obstacle at the back of your mind. Strategy is greater than a plan. It is developing action plans that overcome every possible obstacle that may arise. Strategy is a military term. It answers questions on paper. It anticipates difficulties. It looks for an entry point into the market place in spite of the competition.

Fifth, take ACTION. An action is a moving idea. Ideas, on their own, have a short life span. They can fizzle out quickly. Our initiatives are what sustain ideas. Actions – continuous and consistent actions – is the breath of life of any idea. An idea is useless if it is not bombarded with actions. The hope of an idea is the action backing it.
There are a lot to talk about ideas but for space. Like the fact that you are probably ONE IDEA away from your major breakthrough. Like the fact just one idea can make an entire difference is your life. Like the fact that there are 8 different kinds of ideas. Like the fact that ideas have the capacity to live longer than the brains that gave birth to them. Like the fact that when a man of money meets a man of ideas EXCHANGE invariably occurs. Like the fact that every idea experiences 6 evolutions. Like the fact that ideas have strong magnetic tendencies. And many more!….But for space.IDEAS 1

I hope, however, you picked some ideas from what has been shared already. JUST DO THEM. You will succeed.



I have this personal finance records booklet that i created to help me track my income and expenses.I started using it since 2008 and have gotten very familiar with it.Those who are close to me know that i can account for every single Naira that leaves my pocket.When I started doing this practice in 2008, it was difficult for me, and my income was slim but i did it.

It is a simple booklet that contains my income in one page and my expenses on the next page.I record who gave me money or where money was gotten from every single day.If the money didn’t come then i know that i didn’t sell something that day.We have this serious joke in PowerMinds: No cash, no sales; no sales , no cash. At the end of each day i total my income as well as my expenses and determine a figure.I also do it at the end of each month to determine my financial net worth.

In August 2012,the very last day, when i was doing my end of the month personal fiance auditing, I noticed that I had received up to N312,800 from my activities on facebook.


It wasn’t a very deliberate effort, so I checked back the previous month and realized that i had received N 185,300 from my activities on face book.Making a sum total of N498,100 in those two months.

That really got me thinking.

How did this happen?

I don’t pride myself as one who is an expert in online business.As a matter of fact, I MADE THIS N498,100 without really knowing it and without much effort until I checked my record booklet.It occurred to me that i was doing somethings that generated a lot of money for me on FACEBOOK.

Recently, I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a fluke so i set a goal to make N20,000 through Facebook in a week.I needed to be sure that i had discovered something.Believe me, I made N42,000 instead of the N20,000 that i set.

My financial antennae went up.

It occurred to me that i had discovered something.

So I called a friend who I knew was a guru in online business and shared my testimony.He simply said that I had simply stumbled upon an opportunity that most internet marketers use and make millions from.

Could this be true?

Now, I have not made millions yet from this opportunity.As a matter of fact, I recently just set a goal to raise a million Naira (Nigeria Currency, that is equivalent 4,000 Pounds.The money I made is about 2,000 pounds) using my new found knowledge before the end of the year.But I also want to teach 50 interested Facebook friends what I have learnt so far.Well, since I am into human development , why shouldn’t I?

But here is the deal.

I will give away this info for a small fee. I want to give that info for just N1,000 ONLY. For those outside the country Nigeria, that is about 4 pounds. and about $8 for those in America(cheap, right?)And the offer last till Friday.I have travelled around Nigeria and when I sell this info it goes for N5,000(That is about 20 pounds or 45 dollars).So take advantage of this my offering.

Pay the sum of N1,000 to George Essien.FIDELITY BANK. Account
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For those outside the country, simple moneygram it. But first call the number 2348187133153. I will pick up the phone directly.

You have till Friday to make this payment.The price goes up back to its original price N5,000 after Friday 23rd March 2013.

Now, I am very sure that hundreds of people will START RUSHING TO THE BANK TO MAKE PAYMENTS.So please dont fail to send the Teller number and your correct email address.The info preoduct would be sent to your email almost immediately once payment is confirmed.spend less 3

And here is a freebie I will add if you make payment. I will give you 4 extra eBooks that will help you in life.These ebooks cost me money to get.One is on HOW TO IMPORT STUFF FROM CHINA AND SELL AT A HIGHER PRICE ANYWHERE ELSE.One other ebook is on HOW TO WRITE A WINNING SALES LETTER.

And believe me, unless you are an internet guru, you probably have never heard of ONLINE AUCTIONING and other sweet secrets that I would want to keep until you make your payment.

You don’t need a website to make it happen.YOU JUST NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS! A WEBSITE address will be an added advantage.With your facebook account or free blog which i can create or show you how to, you can tap into this opportunity.

As for those who want my INFOPRODUCT which I assure will help you out, do what I have said immediately.You have till Friday the 23rd of this month.Cheers.


spend less 3
The government will not like you to know what is on page 174 of Xavier Effiong’s book.Remember, the meeting I had with him and shared with you? If you have not. Just scroll down and look for HOW TO SPEND LESS AND EARN MORE PT 1.

Politicians will not be happy that you know what is on page 178.

Your employer will be uncomfortable that you have read page 193.

Your girl friend or wife will not like you to know what is on page 21-23

Other members of your profession will wish you never read page 201

Advertisers and marketers who come to talk you into buying something will not be happy to see you read page 56.With page 101 to 106 at your finger tips, fraudsters and con artist know they have lost your business

You may lose some friends if you practice what is on page 107 to 112.

I talking about the book titled SPEND LESS, EARN MORE. Xavier Effiong’s book. I told you about him in part one of this series.

3 Copies of SPEND LESS EARN MORE have already sold after they read my facebook post about the meeting i had with Xavier Effiong 8 years ago.I received a call from one Samuel and Peter and Adaobi. Praise called me from Bayelsa today to ask about the book.She is making payment and I would obviously ship it to her

Yeah it is a good book.A very good book.If I say it is believe me it is.

Tells you a lot about your finance, Nigerian style…not Robert Kiyosaki stuff; though I am a big fan of Kiyosaki.

All those credit cards stuff and western foreign funds plan has put them in deep mess.Nigerians pay cash. We talk with hard raw cash, not credits or credit card. So while we can pick one or two ideas from our western brothers, we must realize that the way things run here in Nigeria is far different.

I would like you to get the book.
This is no sales pitch.

Money back guarantee.If you think that I over-hyped the book, tell me, and I would personally return the money you paid.

Most Nigerian authors just copy and paste Robert Kiyosaki.Not Xavier Effiong. The philosophy has been tested by him.He is not just a millionaire in theory, he is a millionaire in reality.

Want the book?

Quite expensive, though. But worth the price.It is N2500. That is about $18 or about 10 Pounds.

To get a copy call 08187133153

I noticed that many folks were calling from outside Uyo.So if you are calling from outside Uyo, here is what to do.Add N1000 to the amount. Pay N2500 + N1000(for transport of the hard copy book) to :

George Essien.
Fidelity Bank

Once done, sms teller number and address to 08187133153. Better still, call me on that number 08187133153.You will receive the book in max 48 hours if you are very far from Uyo.



spend less 3

We first met 8 years ago.

Time flies indeed.
I have tried to be its pilot.

When I first met him, he was not ‘comely’ to behold. This choclate skinned, lanky framed figure of a man rode on his Yamaha motor bike to come see me at M2 (male Hostel) in the University of Uyo where I lodged at the time.

I had been surprised that he had aggreed to meet there.So much had been said of him to me by friend. I was told that he was a financial guru and teacher.

The year was 2005.

The day was litted with twilight glory as it ground ‘carefreely’ to an end.

Xavier Effiong put off his bike, highlighted from it to come shake hands with me.Was this the finacial guru and teacher I was expecting? To say the least, I was thoroughly dissapointed, as I guessed any other person would.

“I have heard so much about you”, Xavier began.

And yes indeed he had.Those at the University of Uyo at the time would know that George Essien was reputed as one who put together success seminars with a huge number of students gathering.

“I think you can help me,” he continued. “I have a financial philosophy that I am confident your students need to hear. I would like you to call for a meeting so that i can talk to them”

I gave him a cusory look.And that was it!

I didnt hear any other thing he said to me in the next one hour except a silent prayer that this fellow would quit talking and leave.Unfortunately, I had ignored a philosophy that today i have come to thoroughly embrace.

I had ignored him because of his packaging.

Today, I shamelessly admit that packaging is deceptive.There is more to a person than that that meets the eyes.

As he came to a close, something he said caught my attention.

He asked, “Do you have a girl friend?”

“A girl friend?Yes?”, I muttered. “Why do you ask?”

“Liability.” He just said, as he ranted on.

Today, almost 8 years later i now understand what he said and meant then. A LIABILITY IS ANYTHING OR ANYONE WHO TAKES MONEY AWAY FROM YOU OR HAS A HIGH MAINTENANCE VALUE.

A student, as I was then, with limited assets and resources should have been building his asset portfolio by buying up small shares here and there, or saving up to start a business….instead of giving those seeming small funds away to a girlfriend.

I have seen Xavier Effiong grow over the years with that same financial philosophy he tried to share with me 8 years ago.

He bought a brand new car, and instead of using it for luxury, he quickly used to do hard core marketing.Meeting companies to serve as their independent sales representative and travelling around Nigeria on road selling their products and services.

He built a house and furnished it to taste and instead of living in it, converted it into a school. A nursey school that brings him a sizeable income.

He still is lean and lanky, frugal and wise, yet unless Xavier Effiong tells of the complex asset portfolios that runs into millions that he has, you may never know.

In recent times I have been living with him to glean from his financial wisdom.2 days ago, he taught a new term called BOOTSTRAPPING. Ever heard the word before? Okay, in part 2 of this series I would tell you about it.

Financial prosperity is not accidental, it is intentional.
It is not by luck but by work.

You grow your wealth by building your asset portfolio and reducing your liabilities. What are these terms? Let me keep you in suspense and tell you about it in the next part.

Meanwhile, Xavier has put all that philosophy that has made him a millionaire into a book he titles SPEND LESS, EARN MORE. It is a 200 paged book of practical financial wisdom with Nigerian examples, many his own.

I highly recommend it.

The cost? O it is N2500. That is about 10 POUNDS OR about 18 dollars.

Want a copy?

Just call 2348187133153.

See as we continue this series.



As we begin the new year it is important that we are armed with information that would help us achieve mile stone success.Join POWERMINDS COMMUNITY as we begin the teachings on personal goal setting and financial understanding.The following would be taught in these 2 days event










These 2 days event will set the tone right for you as you begin the year.To be part of this event, please sms INTERESTED to 08187133153.Workshop is free but a compulsory material of N1000 will be given at the venue.It contains the time table of the 2 day event and the teachings to be taught all trough.

The venue can only accommodate 100 people so early registration is advised.Once you send the sms INTERESTED to 08187133153, a SEAT NUMBER would be sent to you in not more than 2 days from the day the message was received.So do it now.