Please note that if you are a motivational speaker and want your name listed, please send mail to powermindscommunity@yahoo.com or drgeorgeessien@gmail.com. You should have a site or a blog that contains your brief profile.The following list is in no particular order.

1. Fela Durotoye (MOTIVATION)www.feladurotoye.org
2. Leke Alder (BRANDING)www.lekealder.com
3. Ubong Essien (PUBLIC SPEAKING)www.ubongessien.com
4. Praise George(RELATIONSHIP) http://www.praisegeorge.org
5. Steve Harris (HUMAN RESOURCE)www.iamsteveharris.com
6Adeolu Akinyemi (NETWORK MARKETING)www.deoluakinyemi.com
7. Damilola Oluwayinbo (MOTIVATION)www.damilolaOluwayinbo.com
8. Niyi Adesanya www.(LEADERSHIP)niyidesanya.com
9. Uju Onyechere (MOTIVATION)www.mrujuonyechere.com
10 George Essien (PEAK PERFORMANCE)www.georgeessien.com
11. Robert Boniface (MOTIVATION)www.robertboniface.wordpress.com
12 Emeka Obia(MOTIVATION) http://www.emekatalks.wordpress.com
13. Eno-obong George (MOTIVATION)www.nicheandradiance.wordpress.com
14. Solomon James (NETWORK MARKETING)www.solomonjames.org
15 Jephter Akaehie (PEAK PERFORMANCE)www.jephterakaehie.com
16. Usen James (MOTIVATION)www.usenjames.com
17Anthony B. Sam(MOTIVATION) http://www.anthonysam.com
18.Ariel Greatness(MOTIVATION) http://www.iamarielgreatnesswordpress.com
19 Dennis Isong(INTERNET BUSINESS) http://www.dennisisong.com
20. Mo Abudu (MOTIVATION)www.ebonylifetv.com
21 Edwin King (MOTIVATION) +2348063672093
22 Emmanuel Mike (MOTIVATION) +2348163641798
23. Joseph Awatim (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT)+2348096400779
24.Nnene Odiraa Okeke (WOMEN DEVELOPMENT)+2348064296981
25.Paul Nwokocha(MOTIVATION) +2347023901907
26.Pete Boniface (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT)+2348061210334
27. Iyabo Oyawale(INTERNET BUSINESS) http://www.askiyabooyawale.com
28. Timothy Anietie (INTERNET BUSINESS)www.timtechsolution.com
29. Sunny Obazu-Ojegbase (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT)www.sunnyobazuojegbase.com
30. Kingsley Obiakor (NETWORK MARKETING)www.kingsleyobiakor.com
31. Osiri Wisdom (MOTIVATION)www.thewisdomplace.net
32. Victor Adeyemi (BRANDING)www.ekojournalist.com
33.AlexGreat Akhigbe (MOTIVATION)www.passionhouse.com
34. Akin Alabi (INTERNET BUSINESS)www.akinalbi.com
35.Sanmi Akindipe (REAL ESTATE) http://www.liftupradio.com
37.Sam Adeyemi (MOTIVATIONALS) http://www.samadeyemiministries.com
38Titilayo Ama Spread (ENTREPRENEURSHIP) http://www.spreadmediang.com
39.Angela Ihunweze (ENTREPRENEURSHIP) http://www.angelaitambo.com
40. Kakue Gbenegbara (IMPORTATIONS/BUSINESS) 08037630912.
41.Chinyere Anokwuru ( WOMEN EMPOWERMENT) http://www.selfworthorganization.org
42.Vic Ways (MOTIVATION) +2348037679601
43.Treasure ‘teekay’ Kalu www.(MOTIVATION)thenextphase.sermon.net
44Success Ekpenyong (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT) +2348032707580
45Nikky-baby Israel Eshiet (CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT) +2347030459215
46Kelechi Anyalechi(HUMAN RESOURCES)
47 Wale Akinyemi(HUMAN RESOURCE) http://www.powertalks.com
48.Akachi Nwoke (FINANCE)
49Peter ‘Humble’ Essien (BUSINESS)
50 Segun Alabi Pshegs (MOTIVATIONALS)

Well, the list is still building. We intend to increase the pile and put it together in a MOTIVATIONALSPEAKERS BUREAU. Nigerianspeakers.com(Still under construction) will begin to advertise it. Send your profile to powermindscommunity@yahoo.com. It is not everyone. We will screen. It is free until the end of January, 2014



George Essien, Nigeria’s peak Performance Consultant, training and speaking to officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps at their Retreat, yesterday. He spoke on: GLOBAL PRINCIPLES FOR 21ST CENTURY RELEVANCE. The first principle? THINKING. The highpoint was him sharing on the 6 different Kinds of thinking.To have him speak at your event call 08187133153 ImageImageImage


TV 2

This year makes me 6 years as a presenter on television.

It has been an exciting learning process for me. I want to appreciate Pst. Idy James who introduced me first to radio and then to television in 2007 and 2008.

Somebody has got to believe in you and introduce you in life. He did.

I have learnt from many veterans, especially locally.

Michael Bush’s confidence and eloquence did catch my attention when I used to watch him on AKBC and NTA,Uyo those days. Today he has gone on to dominate the airwaves in Abuja, being the first independent producer on FRCN.

I studied Microbiology in University of Uyo…but I had an intense desire to be a television presenter. How possible was that?So also did Raphael Edem. He had a strong desire to be on radio and television.From what I gather, he studied Engineering in FUTO but he came on television and became a supers star!

I learned a lot from him those days, especially the way he handled interviews. Today, he serves as one of the MCs for all of Governor Akpabio’s events.

Do you want to be a television presenter?TV 6

I was helped by people and I want to also help people .

Emmanuel Sam, Uduak AsuquoShenneld Enobong JohnsonCletus Joseph Ubong ClementDavid D’GeniusEmeka Obia all had their FIRST television experience on my platform.

I mentored them…and still mentor a number of them.

David D’ Genius has gone on to be a television regular , radio host and MC.

Emeka Obia became MC of a successful reality show I CAN DANCE and also runs a radio program.

Let me share with you a few tips, and then invite you for a 3 day workshop. Every trainee will have practical experience with me on television.

Here are the tips.TV 5

I focused on Motivationals and Business development. Any area of human interest will do: Sports, Politics, Religion, Health etc.

By this I mean be a master in that area of interest.I was confidently recommended because I was very good at motivational speaking.

Eloquence and good diction is key.That is one area that I will also be of tremendous help to you in the workshop. We would learn about [public speaking and mass media.

Television viewers are seeing you first before they are hearing you. You must master facial gestures and I can show you how. Facial gestures move viewers faster than any other thing you do in front of the camera.

Most of my television programs have been live shows. That can put one under intense pressure because you cannot afford to make mistakes.

No “Cut!” from the producer. It is you and the camera…and millions of viewers.There is a “how” to overcome this fright.

Well, those are some tips.
There are much more!

I want to work with 10 passionate individuals who want to be television presenters.


Sms TV PRESENTER to 08187133153 for regular updates

Training will be 12th – 14th December 2013
Venue will be at my office. PowerMinds Corporate Office. 63 Udotung Ubo Street, Uyo, Akwa IBom State.
Time: 3pm daily.

Cost: N10,000 per participant.

Payment should be made to:


GEORGE ESSIEN. FCMB. 08023876316(It is a flash me Account. Request for it).

Sms Teller number to the number 08187133153. Come to the venue with the teller. No payment would be made at the venue.

How passionate are you to be seen and heard?
Let’s work together.


chinaIn the next 30 years the most important languages and most economically viable languages will be English and Chinese. As a matter of information, more people speak English in China than in England. Over 200 million Chinese speak English.

I am personally learning to speak Chinese.
I already speak English fluently.

Why speak Chinese?
Over 1 billion people speak it. This 1 billion people are still the largest language speaking people in the world. And with China growing fast economically and technologically, you had better learn Chinese too.

China is now reportedly the largest market for mobile phones, internet use, television, and ATM Machines.

Larry Ellison, CEO of ORACLE CORPORATION and one of the world’s richest men once said,”The biggest risk any one will ever make is not to invest in China”.

This is true.

As at 2007, Chinese population was about 1.371 billion. Its largest city is Shanghai and capital is Beijing. China is one of the world’s largest and fastest economy.

China’s new middle class of business people, scientist, teachers and technicians is now estimated to number about 250 million people all seeking consumables: food,clothes,domestics products etc.

What can you sell in China?
What products or services can you sell there?

Over 700 million people in rural areas mostly struggle to make a living from small plots of land. Food is a major issue in China. That is why Chinese business people invest heavily in agriculture outside of their country.

Over 400 million people travel via express ways, subways, and wide boulevard to their work in ultra-modern offices, shopping mails, and factories.

A typical Chinese seeks opportunities.
Better opportunities.
They yearn to migrate.

MLM Businesses thrive in China.

Though over 1 billion don’t speak English, literacy rate exceeds 90 percent and they have excellent work ethic. Chinese Universities churn out 5 million graduates every year.

Most Chinese want to speak English. A lot of English teachers are wanted in China. They believe that the more English they can speak the more the chance of them ruling the world. The internet that reaches over 4 billion users is structured in English.

Labour is cheap in China.
Most American organizations have their factories in China. Many Nigerians are doing same, moving factories there. China continues to rank number one among the world’s preferred destination for foreign direct investment.

350 million agricultural workers with an average income of $460, provide an almost endless reservoir of very low cost labour. Urban wokers earn an average of $1,475 per year.Urban workers are about 440 million people. In Nigerian currency that is about N18,000 a month. Yes, you can set up a factory in China, at affordable labour, and cheap production cost. Tax is also fair.

Chinese want to do business with Africans. Africa is another big market for them. Let us talk more. sms E-COMMERCE to 2348187133153. Cheers!

Linda Ikeji: Nigeria’s Richest Blogger


She has been called the “QUEEN OF BLOGGING” ; Others call her the “MOTHER OF BLOGGING” in Nigeria.

She earns more than N3 Million every month from her blog. Her office? A laptop and a modem.

Her blog talks about naija entertainment gist ,celebrity gossips ,fashion,news and events.

She is highest paid Nigerian blogger .

We talking about the popular LINDA IKEJI

Linda Ikeji was born September 19, 1980 . A native of Nkwerre LGA ,Imo State, Nigeria .She was born in to a struggling family, the second of seven children. She grew up in a Christian catholic home

At a tender age of 10 years , Linda started writing as a hobby .

The fiction she penned down were praised by her friends and family and over time she cultivated a passion for news.

Unlike many teenagers her age, Linda loved watching newscasters and interviews and by the time the opportunity presented to attend university in Lagos, her course choice was decided: Mass Communication.

She was admitted to study English Language in the university to her disappointment, but she decided to make the best of it.

To support herself and her family through school, Linda began working at the age of 17, doing everything from being a waitress and ushering to modelling and bar-tending, none of which paid a lot in the late 90′s.

She started modeling in 1998 and quit in 2005.linda-ikeji-pictures

She became a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine. After two years of toiling in the news room, she quit.

In 2004 , after she completed her university education, she worked hard to break into the journalism trade, launching her media company, Black dove Communications, a modelling agency and events management outfit.

The name Black dove was inspired by silverbird..a name and a bird. it so happens that her favourite colour is black and favourite bird is the dove.

She stayed within her comfort zone which was modeling so instead of being in front of the camera , went behind the camera by running an agency, recruiting models, training models, getting jobs for models.LINDA FASHION

” I still have the modeling agency but I am not running it anymore”, she once wrote .

She also started what she describes in her first ever blog post as her “true passion”, her magazine called, FM & B.

The first issue was released in 2006 and after discovering how capital-intensive and time-consuming magazine publishing was, only two more editions made it to print.

The blogging bug bit her in 2006.

Fortunately, in that same year, Bella Naija, another popular Nigerian blog, carried a story about Linda herself and for the first time, Linda began to see a new possibility to take her writing to the world.

Blogging had all the charm: it was free except for the cost of an internet connection, easy to do and gave you access to millions of readers instantly. From that first Bella Naija blog post, she was sold.

Linda Ikeji started blogging fully in 2007 to share things that she was interested in with her readers.

Five years later, http://www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com has grown to be one of the most visited sites in the country.

As a regular source for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and many more, her blog continues to attract thousands of visitors

It took her four years to start making money from blogging.

She was patient enough

She once said:“I never even thought that I would make money from blogging. I didn’t start blogging with the mindset that one day I would make money from it. I didn’t even think that was a possibility, it never even crossed my mind. I didn’t say to myself that OK let me blog now and maybe in five years time, I will make money from it. I never imagined that it would ever happen. In fact, in 2008, 2009, I was putting free ads on my blog, I was telling my blog readers, please give me your ads and I will put them for free. But then in 2010, people started asking me for my advert rates and I was like ‘really?’ I didn’t even know what it was until I now asked a few people and they gave me their own advert rates so that is how it started.”

She has acquired two brand new cars, her dream car -a 2008 Toyota Camry which she bought two years ago a 2011

‘Been dreaming about this car since I first saw it two years ago, was finally able to afford it two days ago, after saving for almost four months. And the best part is, I have a blog to show it off, at least now some people go no say ‘levels don change’ lol.’, she wrote.

Recently acquired an Infinity FX 35 SUV worth about N8 million.CARS

Being a wonderful child to her parents , she bought a multi-million 5-bedroom duplex in Surulere for her parents.

Linda Ikeji has earned herself the title ‘Queen of Blogging’ .

Linda was persistent , focused on what she did even though there was no financial return but five years later it has yielded great profit , a talk of all.

She found a new path , Blogging .

But she persisted until 2010, when some of the stories posted on her blog began to ruffle feathers.

At a point, Linda averaged about 1 million unique visitors each month to her blog. And with that came the much-needed recognition and substantial earnings.

In August 2012, Forbes Africa described her as a success and a case study for the business of blogging.

Her blog gets over 50,000 visits daily and is a hot spot for online advertisers and people wishing to attract web traffic to their websites or blogs.

Comments on Linda’s blog can be revealing, interesting and more controversial than the post itself.LINDA LINDA

Linda’s blog reportedly rakes in an average of N3m a month from adverts from various brands and online ad networks, which makes her the highest earning blogger in Nigeria.

Blogging has brought her the fame , power and comfort ability she needed.

Her blog serves as a source of news, photos and information for most entertainment bloggers.

Most people have criticized linda saying her blog promote rumors but she decline such. Linda provides real entertainment on her blog and she will always make sure you come back for more.

Now sitting comfortably in the millionaires’ lounge , one of the youngest millionaires in Nigeria.

Want t learn and blogg like Linda Ikeji? Let me show you how to BLOG.

You will receive 3 e-books on Blogging
If you are in Uyo, you will receive hands-on training by me and other expert bloggers.

For ebooks only Pay the sum of N2000 to George Essien Fidelity Bank.6013498428. e-mail teller number and your email to 08187133153 and ebooks would be sent to you.

For those who want hands on Training. Pay the Sum of N5000 to George Essien. Fidelity Bank.6013498428. Submit Teller toPowerMinds Corporate Office.63 Udotung Ubo Street. Off Oron Road. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. 2nd Floor. Rm 1. Or call 08187133153



COMMUNITY MEETING: All new and intending Members are invited to our PowerMinds Meeting on Saturday 14th September, 2013 by 12 noon.Our focus will be RAISING YOUR PERSONAL BAR FOR EXCELLENCE. Don’t miss it. Be get a personal invitation from us, please sms INTERESTED to 0701656135

SPEAKER OF THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER: Last month it was Cletus Joseph who was our speaker of the month. Who would be the speaker of the month this time? At our community meeting, come and listen to 10 speakers share great ideas on several topics and be assessed.It would be on the 14th September, 2013 at the Community meeting by 12 noon.

GOAL 200: You can still join the mentorship program in PowerMinds. With PowerMinds Community now broken into groups or what you may choose to call departments, there is room for more people. Do you want to join PowerMinds? Do you want to take control of your entire life? Your finances?Your emotions? Your personal development? Your dreams? Let’s help be BACK IN CONTROL. Just sms MENTOR ME to 07010656135 and we will get back to you. Our goal is 200 members before December, 4th, 2013(Our Official 3rd Year Anniversary)

POWERMINDS EXCO TRAINING: This Tuesday, 10th September, 2013 all the members of the Executive Council of PowerMinds will be undertaking a LEADERSHIP TRAINING on Effective Time Management.Time is 3pm. Venue is POWERMINDS Corporate Office. 63 Udotung Uboh Street, Off Oron Road, Uyo.2nd Floor Rm 1. It is mandatory for all EXCOs

POWERMINDS MAGAZINE! Are you a writer?Do you have thoughts you think the world needs to hear.We have started receiving articles for our monthly magazine. Send articles with your picture and your article to powermindscommunity@yahoo.com. Best articles would be used for our Magazine.

ASK THE ACHIEVERS HOW SUMMIT: As we celebrate our 3rd Year anniversary, PowerMinds Community will be hosting 10 achievers to dinner and chit chat.. It would be our opportunity to listen to them and ask them questions. We also intend to award members of PowerMinds who have worked increasingly hard in the last 1 year.

PROJECT 18: We will in the next 1 year tour round 18 schools both to inspire the students but more importantly train the teachers.Being a member of PowerMinds affords you the opportunity to join the crew to schools.


Talent2 power

You probably have read John Maxwell’s book: TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH. A truism in every sense of the title.

Talent must be converted skill for it to have market value.

Talent is common. Dedication is rare.It takes dedication to convert talent to skill.

There are 4 ways a talent can be expressed. First, there is the scientific expression of your talent. Second, the artistic expression of your talent. Third, the technological expression of your talent. Fourth, the business expression of your talent.

Let us focus on the business side.

There are 3 ways to commercialize your talent; 3 ways to make profit from your talent. Let us look at them quickly.

First, BRAND YOUR TALENT. What this simply means is what qualities of your talent differentiates, distinguishes your talent from others? What sets you apart from others? What is your USP -Unique Selling Point?

Branding also entails what dress style, slogan, colour, voice pitch, name  you have have that  makes your talent remain in the minds of people. A brand is that colour, logo, name, slogan, style that sets your talent apart from others, that make people quickly notice.

Your job is to accentuate it!

This is what makes you worth commercial value in the market place.

People pay more for brands than for products or services. That is why events organizers would pay Basket Mouth N2 Million for comedy and owe another comedian N30,000 after the same event.

Second, PACKAGE YOUR TALENT. Packaging attracts.

Packaging involves doing a complementary card, having a business manager, having a website, having your demos and profile brochures.

Packaging also means converting your talent to selleable and well packaged  products.For example, having a musical album, a show, a book, a magazine, a radio program etc.

Package products sell higher than unpackaged products.

Packaging is also a form of branding, just that it focuses on appeal and perception than distinguishing feautures of that talent.

Third, PROMOTE YOUR TALENT. Nothing succeeds until somebody sells. At the beginning of your carreer , you must promote your talents/ products. You must scout for jobs, look for them. You must accept every invitation and make sure that you have alot of visibility. Continous promotion would eventually pay off financially.



FAILUREMost of us are programmed to believe that failure – of any kind – is bad and wrong. We’re programmed by our parents, by the school systems, by society in general. The trouble is, failure is essential to the process of growth and change. Here are 5 reasons why I think it’s imperative to allow yourself permission to fail!

1) You Learn Who You Aren’t
By taking a risk and trying something new, you can learn a lot about what IS possible or what you CAN do; but you can also learn exactly the opposite. It can be just as important to learn what you can’t do, and by extension, who you are not. You never know until you try, right? Sometimes what you learn is that you should NEVER try it again, and that is extremely valuable information!
2) You Earn Freedom
Once you get comfortable with failure through your own experiences if it, you become less adverse to taking risks, which can pay off in big ways. You will be more willing to jump when an unexpected opportunity shows up in your life – because the threat of failure no longer looms so heavy and keeps you in the mindset of “staying safe.”
3) Failure Is Funny
Failure isn’t something to avoid, but something to embrace and get your sense of humor about! Think of all the sitcoms you’ve watched. Consider about all the stories your friends tell after that 3rd glass of wine at parties. Life is made up of rich, complex – and yes, hilarious – disasters. Pad your own storybook with a couple more “that time I…” stories and you’ll never be at a loss for an amusing story or anecdote to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

4) What Are You So Afraid Of?
Fear is the most paralyzing energy of all in our lives. Are you secretly so afraid to fail that you’ve never lived your own life, never made your own choices, never really reached for what you thought was possible for yourself? Most people rarely try anything outside the box simply because they are too afraid to be seen as failures. Chances are your friends, family, and colleagues will see you as a person willing to take risks – regardless of the outcome, and even if you fail. And while you might fail, you might just create the change you were looking to create in an unexpected way. Life, like failure itself, if funny like that.

5) Great Leaders Are Often Failures
Watch the embedded video to see just a couple of examples. Great leaders are often fearless risk takers who gamble it all and win big. They also tend to have a great grasp of who they are, and what kind of change is possible for them. There’s really only one way to have that knowledge of yourself!