About George Essien, The CIO

george essien 7With carefully crafted words that have been known for ages to cause severe stir to people’s internal conditioning, George Essien helps people to become the best they can be. This dynamic, fast paced, insightful punch liner, is any audience’s want. A Television delight and Radio regular, George’s motivational expertise enables him speak around the nation at conferences, workshops, seminars, summits and events. He is the first in Nigeria to be designated PEAK PERFORMANCE CONSULTANT(PPC)

He is the convener of the biannual CONFERENCE OF ORATORS, a program for speakers and  POWERMINDS WOMEN IN BUSINESS  CONFERENCE, a summit dedicated to helping women embrace entrepreneurship and independence. As a business trainer, he has helped trained hundreds of people in the rural communities by showing them how to produce,package and promote products like soap, cream, bleach, detergents and many more.

For more than 5 years this Microbiologist turn professional speaker and teacher has shaped the minds of hundreds of thousands of people ,including his numerous seminar attendees who attend his YIELDING EXPONENTIAL SUCCESS (YES!) Seminars regularly. He is the publisher of the GET INSPIRED! Magazine and the author of 5 bestselling books. His books include: (1)SALARY IS ADDICTIVE; (2)HOW TO MAKE IT ANYWHERE; (3)THE OWNERSHIP MENTALITY; (4)PERSONAL MASTERY; (5)SEQUENCE OF SUCCESS; (6)SPEECH POWER; (7)BEHAVIOUR OF MONEY; (7)HOW TO SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE; (8)COMPATIBILITY TESTS BEFORE YOU SAY ‘I DO’ ; (9)IDEAS; (10)HOW TO GENERATE FUNDS FOR YOUR PROJECT.

George Essien is also a creative writer who uses stories and anecdotes ,especially in novel format to share universal truths and principles. Some of these works include: (1) UNSUNG HEROES (2) THAT GIRL (3) SAME GIRL (3) LUCKY MONEY (4)PAST SHADOWS (5) LIP WORK (6) BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE and many more still in the pipe line.

George Essien is the presenter of a weekly television program called THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK and he is a columnist in numerous National magazines.

He is the CHIEF INSPIRATIONAL OFFICER of POWERMINDS COMMUNITY , a human development organization. He has worked with many organizations, helping them motivate their staff members to be more productive and effective. He may be reached for speaking engagements through the following powermindscommunity@yahoo.com, drgeorgeessien@gmail.com.Follow him on twitter @GeorgeEssienPPC. Or on Facebook@ George Essien or you may call him on +2348187133153


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