COMMUNITY MEETING: All new and intending Members are invited to our PowerMinds Meeting on Saturday 14th September, 2013 by 12 noon.Our focus will be RAISING YOUR PERSONAL BAR FOR EXCELLENCE. Don’t miss it. Be get a personal invitation from us, please sms INTERESTED to 0701656135

SPEAKER OF THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER: Last month it was Cletus Joseph who was our speaker of the month. Who would be the speaker of the month this time? At our community meeting, come and listen to 10 speakers share great ideas on several topics and be assessed.It would be on the 14th September, 2013 at the Community meeting by 12 noon.

GOAL 200: You can still join the mentorship program in PowerMinds. With PowerMinds Community now broken into groups or what you may choose to call departments, there is room for more people. Do you want to join PowerMinds? Do you want to take control of your entire life? Your finances?Your emotions? Your personal development? Your dreams? Let’s help be BACK IN CONTROL. Just sms MENTOR ME to 07010656135 and we will get back to you. Our goal is 200 members before December, 4th, 2013(Our Official 3rd Year Anniversary)

POWERMINDS EXCO TRAINING: This Tuesday, 10th September, 2013 all the members of the Executive Council of PowerMinds will be undertaking a LEADERSHIP TRAINING on Effective Time Management.Time is 3pm. Venue is POWERMINDS Corporate Office. 63 Udotung Uboh Street, Off Oron Road, Uyo.2nd Floor Rm 1. It is mandatory for all EXCOs

POWERMINDS MAGAZINE! Are you a writer?Do you have thoughts you think the world needs to hear.We have started receiving articles for our monthly magazine. Send articles with your picture and your article to Best articles would be used for our Magazine.

ASK THE ACHIEVERS HOW SUMMIT: As we celebrate our 3rd Year anniversary, PowerMinds Community will be hosting 10 achievers to dinner and chit chat.. It would be our opportunity to listen to them and ask them questions. We also intend to award members of PowerMinds who have worked increasingly hard in the last 1 year.

PROJECT 18: We will in the next 1 year tour round 18 schools both to inspire the students but more importantly train the teachers.Being a member of PowerMinds affords you the opportunity to join the crew to schools.