Monday: How To Avoid A Heart Attack Today

I am quite sure You would agree with me on this one that monday is the most hated day of the week. (Well maybe not for you)

But I do know for sure most people hate starting their week.

Please Note: even though I may end up telling you how you could avoid a heart attack today, I am not a Doctor.

Moving on.

It has become a routine for young people to scream the classic phrase “Thank God its Friday!” all over the internet and social media “. Even when the friday is boring. (Sometimes I find myself struggling to resist the temptation of putting up Display pictures like some of my friends do)

Every one is excited about the weekend. You want to relax, celebrate, jolly, unwind, or whatever you want to call it. Nigerians especially Love the weekends, kaii. we love to party and “jollyficate”. – Explains…

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