Your life is a story.

Some of us have dramas and some of us have comedies.

Others may feel their life story is more of a horror film.

What matters though is that we all have a story. Someone somewhere out there is going through the same situation as you and they could really benefit from your story.

Every single day I want to quit. Every single day I will go through struggles that will make me question what it is that I am doing here and why. Yesterday, after feeling extremely frustrated, I realized something. I am just creating my story. Most people who are successful today, have some story of struggle or adversity beforehand. Don’t let that adversity scare you, but embrace it. Adversity makes you authentic and it makes you easier to relate with.

You are creating your story every single day.

Usually when you watch a sales presentation or a sales funnel from someone doing internet marketing, they tell you some sort of story.

So right now you may be going through a rough situation where you don’t have money or success or even your own house and that’s okay. Who you are today is creating your story for tomorrow.

adversityWhere are you in your business right now? Have you reached that goal of success yet? The worst thing you could do is reach a place of success and not remember the fine details that brought you there. Write down your problems. Write down every time you feel like quitting. This serves two purposes. One, your getting your emotions out on paper which is a very powerful way to relieve stress and you’ve created your story at the same time.

Reveal yourself to the world!

Don’t be a mystery, be yourself. Don’t be undefined. Define yourself to the world. Let everyone know who you are. Some people may join your business just because they like you or just because they trust you. If people don’t like or trust you, they will never get into your business. Gain others trust through real conversations with people and real stories. Nothing converts sales better.

So are you going to do what other successful people are doing or continue with those old methods?

Jesus used stories or metaphors to give people a greater understanding of what factual information that he was trying to convey. Most people buy based on emotion and not on logic. Stories build emotion, while facts just get absorbed as facts. Embrace your struggles from today and know that they are not negatives in your life. The struggles of today will soon become the source of your income in the future.


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