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(1) It is not your BEGINNING that determines your BECOMING. It is your BELIEVING.

(2) I CAN is the father of I AM.

(3) The death of an Idea could the death of a business empire.

(4) When you ask God to make you financially bouyant,He gives you an idea. When you ask God for a harvest, He gives you a seed. When you ask God to make you famous, He gives you a talent.

(5) You don’t have a money problem, what you have is an idea problem. Any idea that is not good enough to fund itself is not good enough to be called a good idea.

(6) Passion Persuades

(7) Confidence convinces.

(8) Your certificate will give you acess to that interview; your knowledge will give you the job; but it is your skill that will give you a promotion.

(9) Skill is taking consistent action with improvement at the back of your mind.

(10) Habits will give you the same results. Skills will give you better results. In essence, a skill is greater than a habit.

(11) The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of questions that you ask yourself.

(12) Even your indecision is a decision.

(13) There are 2 kinds of failures: Those who thought and never did and those who did and never thought.

(14) It is better to try and fail than to fail to try.

(15) Inaction is the assassin of dreams

(16) You are probably ONE IDEA and ONE PERSON  away from your next success.

(17) We forget what we hear; we remember what we write down and we experience what we do

(18) Every person you meet is your teacher ; every circumstances that you face is a lesson.

(19) Every problem you face gives you an idea about who you really are.

(20) What you see you will pursue; vision inspires motivation.

(21) Vision and motion are related. Continous motion provokes promotion.

(22) Success is what you do today that others wait to do tomorrow.

(23) If you understand yesterday, observe today,you can predict tomorrow

(24) Any dream that is not big enough to scare you is not big enough to be called a dream.



While I was receiving love messages from friends on my birthday, I was on my way to Ikorodu, Lagos to reflect and rediscover what was responsible for my present drift to the area I am now popularly known for. Yes, I returned back to the ancient city of Ikorodu, my place of birth. A place where ORO festival used to be celebrated. At this festival women were not allowed out and men whipped themselves on the streets

Things had indeed changed when I arrived Ikorodu.Yes, Garrage was still the same, buzzling with  lousy sellers and buyers.The statue of OGA, the first hunter that arrived Ikorodu some 100 years ago was still there.

Coming back to Ikorodu brought back loads of memories to me: The people I met, the people I grew up with and loved, the people I schooled with, the people I  prayed with, shared my dreams with, and most of all: My mother(Her grave is in our property there).

The towering Methodist Church still loomed gloriously, a tower that I could see from where we lived when I was young. Ayangbure’s palace had been renovated and this was good to know.

First, I went to the house I was born and weaned at.It was actually old and delapidated. I couldn’t recognize any one there, save a very old woman who couldn’t see me enough to recognize me. Near by was the flat that my parents had rented for 16 years…It still looked very beautiful with of course new residents. Alhaji Lassissi had done a good work to keep the place neat. Obafemi Taiwo Street had now been tarred and new houses built.

I moved over to my nursey school, a place that I had studied between 1986 to 1991. The place now laid in ruins…The school had closed. Tears filled my eyes. I had attended St. George International School, one of the best schools at the time with about 600 students back then. And yes, you guessed right…My parents owned the school. Why it closed in 1999? Only my parents can tell.

Just across the road, a road called Igbogbo road, was the secondary school I attended between 1991 to 1994. It was  established in 1949. Its name? Oriwu Model College. I would later complete my secondary education at Goodwill Secondary School, the first private School in 1997.

Igbogbo road was still narrow…Police Barracks was now fenced…Anglican Church along Ireshe road was looking still beautiful. Anibaba street, where Segun Arinze used to live as a buding Nollywood star was still tattered. Later, when Segun Arinze would meet me doing my thing in a television studio in Akwa Ibom state, he simply said, “Go to Lagos”, he did not know that I was coming from Lagos

It was also good to return back LIFE CHAPEL at the LIFE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, the place I was dedicated as a child, the place I learned about Jesus and got filled with the Holy Spirit, and learned to pray and study the bible. Most of who I am today stemmed back from the trainings of that place. It was there that I met people like Pst.Tolu Boluwatise,Tolu Meduna, Tolu Dee,  Tolulope Nwani, Philip Temi, Alex Adegoke Oyelade Tinuade,  Tosin Olateru,Isaiah Olateru,  Olufemi Lawani, Peter Lawani, Erick Boachie and many ,many friends who are today scattered all over the world.

As at the time I entered LIFE CHAPEL,I noticed that the place was under construction.The hall brought back memories upon memories.I walked around, looked at the buildings, the trees…some of them as old as 30 years.This is the same Bible Seminary  that Matthew Ashimolowo studied in the 1970s.

All in all, My going back to Ikorodu made me rediscover those things that made me me. Yes, I have lived in Uyo for more than 6 years straight….but all the people have seen these years are the manifestation of trainings I received in place called Ikorodu.

Yeah, it is true, I am still an Ikorodu boy.

Monday: How To Avoid A Heart Attack Today

I am quite sure You would agree with me on this one that monday is the most hated day of the week. (Well maybe not for you)

But I do know for sure most people hate starting their week.

Please Note: even though I may end up telling you how you could avoid a heart attack today, I am not a Doctor.

Moving on.

It has become a routine for young people to scream the classic phrase “Thank God its Friday!” all over the internet and social media “. Even when the friday is boring. (Sometimes I find myself struggling to resist the temptation of putting up Display pictures like some of my friends do)

Every one is excited about the weekend. You want to relax, celebrate, jolly, unwind, or whatever you want to call it. Nigerians especially Love the weekends, kaii. we love to party and “jollyficate”. – Explains…

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A local skill at best would make you a local champion; a global skill will give you 21st century relevance.

A skill is not a talent.

Talent is cheap; skill is rare.

Talent is just potential; skill is cultivated potential.

Skill is an  ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities

Skill is processed talent.

No body pays you much for raw rice…but they pay alot for processed and cooked rice.

What gives you value is not really talent…what gives you value in the market place is skill.

Your CERTIFICATE or degree will give you accesss to that job interview; your KNOWLEDGE will give you the job ; but it is your SKILL that would give you a promotion.

So how do you develop GLOBAL SKILLS…What are they , in the first place?

A global skill is a skill  that can put you on the world stage. Yes, it is ok to start local…but hey you must grow national…and then GO GLOBAL.


Develop Global skills today.


1. WRITING: Yes, that can put on world stage. J.K.Rowlings was that divorced school teacher that wrote HARRY PORTER and became a billionaire from selling her novels..and the movies,toys and games that have resulted from it. Chimaammanda Adichie is that Nigerian novelist whose books have not only brought fame but has also made her rich. How much was she paid when her book HALF A YELLOW SUN was made a movie by HOLLY WOOD producers? Figures have been hidden but it surely runs into millions of DOLLARS! Chinua Achebe sold more than 30 million copies of THINGS FALL APART, a book that has also been translated into several world languages.

Write a book. A novel. Look for a foreign publisher to publish you. More easily run a global blog and tag. Easy? Yes very easy. I could show you how. Just call 2347010656135

2. MODELLING AND FASHION: Are you creative? Very creative with cloth designs then take it global. With modelling you can become as successful as Noami Campell or the highest paid African Model Alek Wek.

3. SPORTS: Whether it is football, lawn tennis or golf or even boxing you can become global if you can take you skill to the world market.

4. ACTING: Last year, Genievive Nnaji was interviewed  by Oprah Winferey and was refered to as Africa’s Julia Roberts. Last week, TIMES magazine named OMOTOLA among the 100 most influencial people in the world. Recently, CNN show cased JETA AMATA’s new movie BLACK NOVEMBER  featuring Akon and Wycliffe. These Nigerian artiste and producers have made their names global by focusing on acting

5. MUSIC: DBANJ made several millions from his OLIVER TWIST hit. What kind of music would more likely take you global? Of course, HIP HOP and R and B. Other genres are behind in era. Focus on hip hop and Rand B or mix other genres with these two.

6. ICT SKILLS: Important. Know something about the ICT world. We are all on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s site . Isn’t that amazing? We know him because he developed ICT skills. That includes the yahoo boys and google boys.

7.PUBLIC SPEAKING: Perhaps you may become a politician tomorrow…public speaking will just be it. That is what will distinguish from the entire lot.Learn how to speak well. The orator is king. Public speaking is not just for politics…it is for every aspect of life: business, acting, ministry.

And there are many more. But focus on these 7.

See you at the top.


Your life is a story.

Some of us have dramas and some of us have comedies.

Others may feel their life story is more of a horror film.

What matters though is that we all have a story. Someone somewhere out there is going through the same situation as you and they could really benefit from your story.

Every single day I want to quit. Every single day I will go through struggles that will make me question what it is that I am doing here and why. Yesterday, after feeling extremely frustrated, I realized something. I am just creating my story. Most people who are successful today, have some story of struggle or adversity beforehand. Don’t let that adversity scare you, but embrace it. Adversity makes you authentic and it makes you easier to relate with.

You are creating your story every single day.

Usually when you watch a sales presentation or a sales funnel from someone doing internet marketing, they tell you some sort of story.

So right now you may be going through a rough situation where you don’t have money or success or even your own house and that’s okay. Who you are today is creating your story for tomorrow.

adversityWhere are you in your business right now? Have you reached that goal of success yet? The worst thing you could do is reach a place of success and not remember the fine details that brought you there. Write down your problems. Write down every time you feel like quitting. This serves two purposes. One, your getting your emotions out on paper which is a very powerful way to relieve stress and you’ve created your story at the same time.

Reveal yourself to the world!

Don’t be a mystery, be yourself. Don’t be undefined. Define yourself to the world. Let everyone know who you are. Some people may join your business just because they like you or just because they trust you. If people don’t like or trust you, they will never get into your business. Gain others trust through real conversations with people and real stories. Nothing converts sales better.

So are you going to do what other successful people are doing or continue with those old methods?

Jesus used stories or metaphors to give people a greater understanding of what factual information that he was trying to convey. Most people buy based on emotion and not on logic. Stories build emotion, while facts just get absorbed as facts. Embrace your struggles from today and know that they are not negatives in your life. The struggles of today will soon become the source of your income in the future.