dr akinyemiAnd so Manchester United did it again.

With a brilliant performance against Aston Villa they clinched their 20th title.

Anytime I watch good football, I see so many lessons that we can learn.

First, think of all the people who would want to be in that winning team but could not make it because they do not have the required level of skill. There is no substitute for being the best. Invest in yourself. Practice, practice and practice. Practice when no one sees. Prepare for opportunities that no one else can see so that when the opportunity shows up, you are ready.

Secondly, remember that winning does not happen because of one single kick. While it is true that one FINAL kick produced the goal but it was a FINAL kick. It was the end result of consistent passing the ball, kicking, passing and kicking again. All this is going on when the other team is working desperately to stop you and to keep you down. You have to remain focused and consistent in a very hostile environment. This is the story of life. So many obstacles are working to keep you down – the greatest of which is your past experiences, thinking and attitudes. Feelings of unworthiness, of inadequacy and inferiority added to the mix mess potentially great people up big time!

Friends, if anyone deserves to succeed, you do! Remember that for all those working hard to keep you down, you have people who are also working hard to ensure that you win. They are your team – people who share the same dream as you. Make sure you always remember that you cannot do it alone. You need a team – a network of success. Finally make sure you have a great coach – someone whose past is your future, whose experience is your expectation.

Manchester-United-logoHave a fulfilled day!


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