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In the 1920s, an English adventurer named Mallory led an expedition to try to conquer Mt. Everest. His first expedition failed. So did the second. Mallory made a third assault with a highly skilled and experienced team, but in spite of careful planning and extensive safety measures, an avalanche wiped out Mallory and most of his party. Upon their return to England, the few who had survived held a banquet to salute Mallory and those who had perished on the mountain. As the leader of the survivors stood to speak, he looked around the hall at the framed pictures of Mallory and the others who had died. Then he turned his back to the crowd and faced a large picture of Mount Everest, which stood looming behind the banquet table like a silent, unbeatable giant.

With tears streaming down his face, he spoke to the mountain on behalf of his dead friends: “I speak to you, Mt. Everest, in the name of all brave men living and those yet unborn. Mt. Everest, you defeated us once; you defeated us twice; you defeated us three times. But, Mt Everest, we shall someday defeat you, because you can’t get any bigger and we can.” Needless to say, Mt Everest was defeated because Mallory and his team refused to give up.

Dear reader, what is the Mt Everest in your life currently? What is it that seems insurmountable in your life? Events have shown that men achieve their dreams irrespective of defeats they may encounter on their journey to the top. If you are a regular follower of this column, you will agree with me that nothing is impossible. I mean on this platform, we have showcased men and women who have left their marks on the sands of time. Individuals whose name must be mentioned when the history of their time will be told. They did not achieve what they did on a platter of gold, but were ready to fight to the end to get what they wanted.

The story is told about a woodcutter who kept hitting at a particular wood for a long time, yet it seems he was just wasting his time, for the wood didn’t give any sign of breaking apart. That did not discourage the woodcutter. He kept hitting. By the time he has hit the wood ninety nine times, nothing happened, but the hundredth time, the wood split into pieces. Now the question is “Was it the last hitting that broke the wood?” The truth is that the wood broke as a result of all the accumulated hitting. Maybe if the man had given up by the time he was very close, he would not have achieved his desire of breaking the wood.

The same is with us, when pursuing our heart desires. The answer we want may not come when we expect it, but if we persist, surely someday we will have cause to shout eureka eureka (I have found it, I have found it). I want you to form a very thick skin against failure. When it seems nothing will work, smile and keep pushing. It might be the day that you decide to give up that the breakthrough you have been working for will come.

Beloved, just one more time. Believe me. Just one more time!

Wishing the family and you the very best of the weekend.

Dear Lord, bless my friends and their families reading this article and grant them the courage to insist until they make it in Jesus name!

You will succeed!

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