Podium Dynamics


It is from the podium that progress is birthed.The fate of the pew hinges on the effectiveness and efficacy of the pulpit.If only we know what power the podium possesses.It is from the podium that destinies are forged, great ideas are disseminated and words are conveyed…and these words laddened with emotion can stir men to tremendous action.

Words can make cowards become men of courage.Wars have been stirred, peace has been instituted because of speeches.When one listens to the flowery speeches of an Obama or emotional, sensitive words of talkshow billionaire Opra Winferey or witty, hard biting punch lines of Jerry Springer.How does it feel to listen to the oratory of T.D.Jakes or the depths of Chris Okotie or the faith in the words of David Oyedepo? Great, isn’t it?

Speakers are the makers of men.Having spoken for a few years(That is if you call 13 years a few short years) I believe in what words can do to men. I have seen men literally erupt in the nostalgia of hope.Yes a nostalgia.I have seen people run to me and weep for now they have hope….I have seen people say “wow! you just got me going ..look at what I have become!”c 6

I learnt it all…i mastered the craft….I watched the masters…..I practiced hundreds of hours.And I am glad that I have sacrificed my whole life to speaking…changing lives and inspiring people..AND YOU TOO CAN

If you are like me, and want to horn your speaking SKILLS..Permit to be of help .Text SPEAKER to 08187133153..I have great suggestions for you.LET US MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE THROUGH SPEECHES, for our podium has potency!


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