(1)VALUE TEST.Do u both share similar Philosophies,Faith,Spiritual Perceptions?Do u share similar or Complimentary Passions?

(2)QUARREL TEST. Have u quarreled b4 and forgiven each other or do u keep a grudge?Is it easy to forgive the person?If it is hard then there is an issue here

(3)PHYSICAL ATTRACTION TEST.Is there a chemist…ry btw the two of u?

(4)APPROVAL TEST.Do ur family,close friends, spiritual head approve?Most importantly, does God approve?All others are secondary if God approves.

(5)RESPECT TEST. Can u respect that man?Can u be proud of the man?Do u respect the woman as a wife,mother.

(6)LOVE TEST. If u are in doubt whether u love someone,give urself time.Time reveals truth abt love.Time distinguishes infatuation from love.

(7)TOLERANCE TEST. Can u tolerate his/her nasty,petty habits?Do u think u can suffer long with this person in sickness or in health?


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