“For you to make good money globally you must learn two languages: English and Chinese”, Xavier Effiong said to me over lunch of fried rice and chicken at his house.

I halted my fork assault on the chicken mid air.
That statement actually did bring to a meditative halt.

Remember Xavier Effiong, the one I spoke about in part one and part two?

If you missed it, you can look at it in these links and

“Forget your native language”, Xavier Effiong continued. “All that is for sentimental reasons. Master English and Chinese for global business relevance.”

I eventually sliced the chicken and ate a piece.

Then another punch line came !

“Your finances are as good as your financial intelligence”, Xavier said to me. “If you don’t have a growing asset portfolio then you are not as financially intelligent as you think you are….If your income is still linear, still dependent on your presence before you can make profit, then your financial intelligence is still low. Very low.The chances of you being rich on paid employment is very slim. It is possible but very slim legitimately. Most employees who suddenly get rich are thieves. They still from their employers – either their employer’s time or their money.”

I had to nod…and then process the thoughts I was receiving.

“And mind you, it has nothing to do with University education or accounting knowledge.I mean the financial knowledge, not University education. I finished with a first class in two Universities so I know what I am saying.” Xavier added.

In recent times I have been unlearning, learning and relearning from a young man I think is the most frugal man in the world. Yes, frugal but with a growing asset portfolio that would open any man’s mouth. All I keep asking him is, “How do you do it?”

Once, he was driving me to see one of his clients and he said to me. ” George Essien do you really want to be rich?”

I turned to look at him, almost surprised, and answered, “Yes?”

“Sure?” He further asked. And I wondered why.

“Yes”, I answered again.

“Then you must focus all your energies in any of the 4 sure vehicles to financial freedom?”

“What are they?” I asked.

“First, THE INTERNET. Yes…master, the internet. Take your offline business online. Sell your products and services online. Learn everything that you can about the internet. The next set of millionaires and billionaires in Nigeria in the next 30 years will come from the internet. Over 20 million Nigerians, sources say, are online every day. There are over 1.2 billion people on the social media around the world.”

“Yeah, “I responded. Since 2011, I have invested hundreds of hours in my internet education. The likes of Dennis Isong and Timothy Anietie also inspired me to begin and to take my offline business online. So I should know what Xavier was saying. By the way, you can get started on your internet education, please read these links and follow instructions to get started:

“Second,” Xavier said. “Business. Buying and selling. That is the second sure vehicle to financial freedom. …Sam Walton is an example. Walmart, his supermarket /company, makes more money yearly than Exxon Mobil.

“To be rich, sell consumables. Consumables sell faster and are liquid. For example, food, toiletries, clothes etc are examples of consumables. That is the fastest way to succeed in business. Consumables!…never forget that!

“And then, sell products that have HIGH REPEAT ORDER RATE. What that means is that you should be in businesses that people can call you back again and again.”

At this time, I had to grab a note.

“Third, is REAL ESTATE. I made my first N2.2 Million Naira from selling properties. And you don’t need capital to be in real estate. Simply start by being a middle man. Look for the seller and the buyer. Get the transaction and get a commission. That is how I started…and then had capital to buy my first land.

“Lot to talk about there”, Xavier said enthusiastically. “But that is the fastest way making your first million.”

“Interesting”, I nodded, scribbling away.

“Fourth, INVESTMENT. Put your money in shares, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, forex. Another way to rise up financially. Models? Warren Buffet!”

Then he gave a booming laughter.

A lot to talk about this eccentric fellow.

I was being bombarded with info from left right and center.

I asked him whether he would want to be on my TV show and he promised to be on it this Thursday. By 9 am. AKBC TV.

Also, I am thinking of putting together a seminar and having him share these philosophies of his. I have discussed with him. Saturday, April 6, 2013 has been fixed.

The seminar would be free. Yes TOTALLY FREE.

But Xavier wants to work with just 20. As a matter of fact, he said 10. I had to beg him to work 20 because I know that a lot of people would be interested.

To be part of the 20, just send SPEND LESS EARN MORE to 08187133153. Or if you are outside Nigeria, send a mail to

Once we have 20, we would close registration.


Then send SPEND LESS EARN MORE to 08187133153 NOW!

Let one I call the most frugal financial guru show you how.

And you had better. The last post I put on INTERNET BUSINESS had several people calling and texting in so do yours now.

All the best.


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