When you ask God to make you financially buoyant, He gives you an idea.
When you ask God for a harvest, He gives you a seed. When you ask God for greatness and fame, He gives you a talent.
The birth of an idea could be the emergence of a business empire. The death of a seed could be the death of a forest.
The dormancy of a talent could be the death of greatness.

All that you have is all that you need to get whatever it is you want. Whatever you don’t have, you don’t need. Use what you have right now to get whatever it is that you need.
As a matter of fact, if you can think long enough what you have is enough.

There is a world class idea you possess. It is God’s gift to you. Be sensitive to it. God’s answer to many of your prayers are ideas you have probably ignored.
Every year, at least 4 ideas that are capable of changing our financial status come to us. One idea worked on and realized is all you need to leave your name in the sands of time.

IDEA 3Search for that idea. Write down every idea that comes to you. Take once a week to look at the various ideas you have written. One of them is usually ‘It’. One of them can dramatically change your story. One of them can bring you streams of income. One of them is big enough to be bequeathed to your next generation. Something in your subconscious will tell which one is the one. But you have got to be sensitive to the ideas you are receiving. Are you ignoring ideas? Are you taking note of them?

Never forget this: Ideas are God’s answers to your prayers. Always take note of your ideas. As a matter of fact, your break through idea may be that idea that came with small passion. Yet if you write and brood on all your ideas you will notice it. Some ideas need to be brooded upon for the fire, the potency in them to break out from the literal capsule covering them.
Have a diary and a note pad around you always. Leave it by the stool by your bed even when you sleep. I do.

That is the attitude of expecting God to speak to you through ideas. Also, have a note pad when you read a book, when you read the Bible or when you are listening to a sermon or inspired message. Always take notes.

Now, let me show you other ways to turn your ideas into realities. Didn’t get the first? The first is to WRITE IDEAS DOWN. Why? Because the first time your ideas become real is when they are written on paper. That is the beginning process. Writing is creation. It is the beginning process of putting ‘flesh to the word’.

That said, here is the next one. Draft out your ideas into GOALS. Simply put, a goal is an idea with a deadline. You see, deadlines inspire positive tension. When there is this tension, this pressure, everything in you begins to move. This movement inspires energy and this energy is your power to succeed.

Goals facilitate the realization of an idea. It is an idea projected and fixed with a deadline. It keeps the idea always in mind. That is the second way to begin. Write out the idea then make it a goal. Fix a deadline for its accomplishment.

Third, create a PLAN. A plan is an idea drafted out. A plan is a series of actions you will take. Success begins with a plan. A plan tells you the people you are suppose to meet or call. A plan tells you the skills you must acquire, the books you must read, the seminars you must attend, the education you must get. The success of any idea is in the plan, not necessarily in the execution. If the plan is right and accurate, execution would not be as hard. The reason for most failures is inaccurate plan. Success isn’t by hard work but by smart work. Success is work intelligently directed.

Fourth, develop a STRATEGY. A strategy is an idea drafted out with outwitting the competition or obstacle at the back of your mind. Strategy is greater than a plan. It is developing action plans that overcome every possible obstacle that may arise. Strategy is a military term. It answers questions on paper. It anticipates difficulties. It looks for an entry point into the market place in spite of the competition.

Fifth, take ACTION. An action is a moving idea. Ideas, on their own, have a short life span. They can fizzle out quickly. Our initiatives are what sustain ideas. Actions – continuous and consistent actions – is the breath of life of any idea. An idea is useless if it is not bombarded with actions. The hope of an idea is the action backing it.
There are a lot to talk about ideas but for space. Like the fact that you are probably ONE IDEA away from your major breakthrough. Like the fact just one idea can make an entire difference is your life. Like the fact that there are 8 different kinds of ideas. Like the fact that ideas have the capacity to live longer than the brains that gave birth to them. Like the fact that when a man of money meets a man of ideas EXCHANGE invariably occurs. Like the fact that every idea experiences 6 evolutions. Like the fact that ideas have strong magnetic tendencies. And many more!….But for space.IDEAS 1

I hope, however, you picked some ideas from what has been shared already. JUST DO THEM. You will succeed.



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