Are you Making money on Facebook – or just chatting?

For me,going to work and working, 75 percent of the day, is usually infront of a laptop, a desk top or fidling with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

I am a netpreneur.

I am either on google…searching for the 20th page of an information i searched on google…looking for info others failed to patiently dig out.

By the way, do you realize that most people looking for info on google, don’t go pass page 2 ?

Companies who are looking for you to market their products/services and who can negotiate deals with you are in the 20th to 1000millionth page.

The ones on the 1st and 2nd pages of google are big companies and can do with or without your dealing with them.Trust me on that.

Always go pass the first 3 pages everytime you search for info, whatever it may be.

Just gave you a powerful online surfing strategy.

Did you catch it?Hmmm. You had better

Or I am on ebay. (Yes looking for how to aunction a particular product.

Or on Amazon. (Yes Loads of products there.

Or on my avenues to wealth business.

Or I am just blogging. Connecting with thousands of people on wordpress or Visit these sites or Sign up, if you will.

I make some cash from blogging too.streams

If ever I am on facebook, I am making money!

Money hits my account on every pratical day. It may not be so much but the culmulative at the end of the month is huge!

I am not talking about any online account……nope, I am talking about my Nigerian BANK account.I receive the alerts on my phone and I can go to any ATM and pick it at the time I want.

For me, work on the field is 25 percent.

And that is when I have to travel to speak somewhere which also I get paid handsomely for.

Don’t get the idea wrong.
I am not talking about millions here.

I am talking about enough thousands of Naira to make me not want to work for anyone as an employee.

Enough to pay my bills…and still have free time on my hands.

In the last one month ,sincerely, it has been good.

So you see me almost all the time online and you are wondering, what is he always doing online?

Answer: Making Money. I came to

Cyber is my market. Facebook most often is my favourite niche.

Truthfully I have made more money from FB than all other media online. And why shouldn’t I? Are you not aware that there are over 1 billion people on facebook? And that if it were a nation it would be the 3rd largest in the world?

Hmmm, food for thought. Where there is a crowd, there is a market.

I want to, between now and friday, EXPOSE ONLINE SECRETS TO 50 of MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS.


There are many things happening on FaceBook , so much money made there that you cannot afford to miss it.

One particular month I made close to N500K. No exaggerations here.
That is the The truth.

It came in chunks and ended up to that amount.

Will you be among the 50?

First of all, to help know alot about making money online I will give everyone of the 50 people who are interested 4 free ebooks, including something on HOW TO WRITE A SALES COPY OR LETTER.

A skill that you would need to learn.

People are rushing to the bank right now to pay for my ebook, a personal experience on HOW I MADE 498,100 BETWEEN JULY AND AUGUST 2012 FROM MY FACEBOOK ACTIVITIES.

How much are they rushing to pay? N1,000.

The sad thing is that it would step back up to N5000,its original price, by Friday 23rd March, 2013.


You should be.

Don’t just chat on FB.

Don’t just browse online.


Very importantly, I intend to put a money back gaurantee on this product.If you follow the instructions carefully, you will succeed at it.


Once done, sms teller number and your email to 2348187133153. REMEMBER to put your correct email. I sending you 4 ebooks and a special one on HOW TO WRITE A SALES COPY OR LETTER.

You have till Friday.12 noon.

At least, give the product a shot.

If you call 2348187133153, I will answer you personally.

Please, if I don’t pick immediately, it is either I am on the go or in a meeting. Send a text.

But again, I return my calls.

All the best.


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