I have this personal finance records booklet that i created to help me track my income and expenses.I started using it since 2008 and have gotten very familiar with it.Those who are close to me know that i can account for every single Naira that leaves my pocket.When I started doing this practice in 2008, it was difficult for me, and my income was slim but i did it.

It is a simple booklet that contains my income in one page and my expenses on the next page.I record who gave me money or where money was gotten from every single day.If the money didn’t come then i know that i didn’t sell something that day.We have this serious joke in PowerMinds: No cash, no sales; no sales , no cash. At the end of each day i total my income as well as my expenses and determine a figure.I also do it at the end of each month to determine my financial net worth.

In August 2012,the very last day, when i was doing my end of the month personal fiance auditing, I noticed that I had received up to N312,800 from my activities on facebook.


It wasn’t a very deliberate effort, so I checked back the previous month and realized that i had received N 185,300 from my activities on face book.Making a sum total of N498,100 in those two months.

That really got me thinking.

How did this happen?

I don’t pride myself as one who is an expert in online business.As a matter of fact, I MADE THIS N498,100 without really knowing it and without much effort until I checked my record booklet.It occurred to me that i was doing somethings that generated a lot of money for me on FACEBOOK.

Recently, I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a fluke so i set a goal to make N20,000 through Facebook in a week.I needed to be sure that i had discovered something.Believe me, I made N42,000 instead of the N20,000 that i set.

My financial antennae went up.

It occurred to me that i had discovered something.

So I called a friend who I knew was a guru in online business and shared my testimony.He simply said that I had simply stumbled upon an opportunity that most internet marketers use and make millions from.

Could this be true?

Now, I have not made millions yet from this opportunity.As a matter of fact, I recently just set a goal to raise a million Naira (Nigeria Currency, that is equivalent 4,000 Pounds.The money I made is about 2,000 pounds) using my new found knowledge before the end of the year.But I also want to teach 50 interested Facebook friends what I have learnt so far.Well, since I am into human development , why shouldn’t I?

But here is the deal.

I will give away this info for a small fee. I want to give that info for just N1,000 ONLY. For those outside the country Nigeria, that is about 4 pounds. and about $8 for those in America(cheap, right?)And the offer last till Friday.I have travelled around Nigeria and when I sell this info it goes for N5,000(That is about 20 pounds or 45 dollars).So take advantage of this my offering.

Pay the sum of N1,000 to George Essien.FIDELITY BANK. Account
Number: 6013498428. Once done, sms teller number, with your name and email address to 08187133153

For those outside the country, simple moneygram it. But first call the number 2348187133153. I will pick up the phone directly.

You have till Friday to make this payment.The price goes up back to its original price N5,000 after Friday 23rd March 2013.

Now, I am very sure that hundreds of people will START RUSHING TO THE BANK TO MAKE PAYMENTS.So please dont fail to send the Teller number and your correct email address.The info preoduct would be sent to your email almost immediately once payment is confirmed.spend less 3

And here is a freebie I will add if you make payment. I will give you 4 extra eBooks that will help you in life.These ebooks cost me money to get.One is on HOW TO IMPORT STUFF FROM CHINA AND SELL AT A HIGHER PRICE ANYWHERE ELSE.One other ebook is on HOW TO WRITE A WINNING SALES LETTER.

And believe me, unless you are an internet guru, you probably have never heard of ONLINE AUCTIONING and other sweet secrets that I would want to keep until you make your payment.

You don’t need a website to make it happen.YOU JUST NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS! A WEBSITE address will be an added advantage.With your facebook account or free blog which i can create or show you how to, you can tap into this opportunity.

As for those who want my INFOPRODUCT which I assure will help you out, do what I have said immediately.You have till Friday the 23rd of this month.Cheers.



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