Is the New Pope The New Hope?

popeFor the records, I am not a Catholic.But I respect this institution that has lasted for more than 1,000 years.

I am not a Pentecostal either.I am a bit irritated by their arrogance and claim that they are the only ones we will see in heaven.

I choose to be simply a member of the body of Christ.A christian, who, of course , fellowships with the brethren as instructed by the Holy Scriptures.

Now to the issue.
Yeah , the pope.Pope Francis.
Simple jolly fellow, isn’t he?You saw him yesterday at the Vatican Balcony.

He typified humility. A conservative Jesuit member whose stance against gays and abortion was made clear even as an arch bishop in Argentina.Interesting to know, in deed.

The gay controversy rocked the Catholic church in the last moments of Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi.The resignation of a Bishop from Europe was on the news.

Perhaps former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now, Pope Francis will take a firm stand reflecting the Roman Catholic’s stand on the gay issue.

Another thing.The former Pope was against the use of condoms during sexual intercourse with marital couples.His stand was made clear again and again on Vatican radio stations.

But Pope Francis is of the opinion that contraceptives can be used, especially for the prevention of diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases.

Still, the first thing Pope Francis said was for the people to pray for the Emeritus pope; a sign of honour and respect that, I must say, I appreciate.

Then he asked for the people to pray for him as he assumes his papal office.Another true sign of humility.

A few facts about this new pope.

He is 76 and in the last 20 years has lived on one lung.
He would be leading 1.2 billion members of the Catholic church.
He is Argentine.The first Jesuit to become pope. He is also the first non European to be pope since Apostle Peter of the Bible.

He was runner up during the last conclave that elected Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi.

The world perhaps hopes that Pope Francis would be like Pope John Paul, the consummate diplomat.The pope who went to a mosque, a Hindu temple and visited many countries. He was shot but came back from the bullet wound and still forgave the man who shot him.

Will Pope Francis be another Pope John Paul?
Or would he remain true to himself, and show us another dimension of papal leadership that will redefine history.

Time will tell.
We hope.


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