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The government will not like you to know what is on page 174 of Xavier Effiong’s book.Remember, the meeting I had with him and shared with you? If you have not. Just scroll down and look for HOW TO SPEND LESS AND EARN MORE PT 1.

Politicians will not be happy that you know what is on page 178.

Your employer will be uncomfortable that you have read page 193.

Your girl friend or wife will not like you to know what is on page 21-23

Other members of your profession will wish you never read page 201

Advertisers and marketers who come to talk you into buying something will not be happy to see you read page 56.With page 101 to 106 at your finger tips, fraudsters and con artist know they have lost your business

You may lose some friends if you practice what is on page 107 to 112.

I talking about the book titled SPEND LESS, EARN MORE. Xavier Effiong’s book. I told you about him in part one of this series.

3 Copies of SPEND LESS EARN MORE have already sold after they read my facebook post about the meeting i had with Xavier Effiong 8 years ago.I received a call from one Samuel and Peter and Adaobi. Praise called me from Bayelsa today to ask about the book.She is making payment and I would obviously ship it to her

Yeah it is a good book.A very good book.If I say it is believe me it is.

Tells you a lot about your finance, Nigerian style…not Robert Kiyosaki stuff; though I am a big fan of Kiyosaki.

All those credit cards stuff and western foreign funds plan has put them in deep mess.Nigerians pay cash. We talk with hard raw cash, not credits or credit card. So while we can pick one or two ideas from our western brothers, we must realize that the way things run here in Nigeria is far different.

I would like you to get the book.
This is no sales pitch.

Money back guarantee.If you think that I over-hyped the book, tell me, and I would personally return the money you paid.

Most Nigerian authors just copy and paste Robert Kiyosaki.Not Xavier Effiong. The philosophy has been tested by him.He is not just a millionaire in theory, he is a millionaire in reality.

Want the book?

Quite expensive, though. But worth the price.It is N2500. That is about $18 or about 10 Pounds.

To get a copy call 08187133153

I noticed that many folks were calling from outside Uyo.So if you are calling from outside Uyo, here is what to do.Add N1000 to the amount. Pay N2500 + N1000(for transport of the hard copy book) to :

George Essien.
Fidelity Bank

Once done, sms teller number and address to 08187133153. Better still, call me on that number 08187133153.You will receive the book in max 48 hours if you are very far from Uyo.




  1. Bad reading culture especially among youths,some are busy doing nothing,others have become landlords on landladies on social networks,wasting hours,the rest become busy with different gadgets…distractions everywhere.I wish they can discover the power and treasures within the pages of books.U said in ur book “HOW TO MAKE IT ANYWHERE”… “If u don’t think u stink” and one of the things that can get a man thinking is a good book well read.My late father told me son “reading maketh man and man maketh things” kudos to u Mr Essien…met u in 2007 and bought the book I just mentioned from u at the instalation of Mr Jonah Ntuen as the President of Lions Club @ Uyo sport club.I was a trainee decorator that decorated that event for my boss,but now I am the boss,I run the show for myself (GRANDEUR EVENTS).A graduate of Accounting but I’ve never written any application for a job anywhere and I will never do …its fun.Hope to see u again soon.

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