spend less 3

We first met 8 years ago.

Time flies indeed.
I have tried to be its pilot.

When I first met him, he was not ‘comely’ to behold. This choclate skinned, lanky framed figure of a man rode on his Yamaha motor bike to come see me at M2 (male Hostel) in the University of Uyo where I lodged at the time.

I had been surprised that he had aggreed to meet there.So much had been said of him to me by friend. I was told that he was a financial guru and teacher.

The year was 2005.

The day was litted with twilight glory as it ground ‘carefreely’ to an end.

Xavier Effiong put off his bike, highlighted from it to come shake hands with me.Was this the finacial guru and teacher I was expecting? To say the least, I was thoroughly dissapointed, as I guessed any other person would.

“I have heard so much about you”, Xavier began.

And yes indeed he had.Those at the University of Uyo at the time would know that George Essien was reputed as one who put together success seminars with a huge number of students gathering.

“I think you can help me,” he continued. “I have a financial philosophy that I am confident your students need to hear. I would like you to call for a meeting so that i can talk to them”

I gave him a cusory look.And that was it!

I didnt hear any other thing he said to me in the next one hour except a silent prayer that this fellow would quit talking and leave.Unfortunately, I had ignored a philosophy that today i have come to thoroughly embrace.

I had ignored him because of his packaging.

Today, I shamelessly admit that packaging is deceptive.There is more to a person than that that meets the eyes.

As he came to a close, something he said caught my attention.

He asked, “Do you have a girl friend?”

“A girl friend?Yes?”, I muttered. “Why do you ask?”

“Liability.” He just said, as he ranted on.

Today, almost 8 years later i now understand what he said and meant then. A LIABILITY IS ANYTHING OR ANYONE WHO TAKES MONEY AWAY FROM YOU OR HAS A HIGH MAINTENANCE VALUE.

A student, as I was then, with limited assets and resources should have been building his asset portfolio by buying up small shares here and there, or saving up to start a business….instead of giving those seeming small funds away to a girlfriend.

I have seen Xavier Effiong grow over the years with that same financial philosophy he tried to share with me 8 years ago.

He bought a brand new car, and instead of using it for luxury, he quickly used to do hard core marketing.Meeting companies to serve as their independent sales representative and travelling around Nigeria on road selling their products and services.

He built a house and furnished it to taste and instead of living in it, converted it into a school. A nursey school that brings him a sizeable income.

He still is lean and lanky, frugal and wise, yet unless Xavier Effiong tells of the complex asset portfolios that runs into millions that he has, you may never know.

In recent times I have been living with him to glean from his financial wisdom.2 days ago, he taught a new term called BOOTSTRAPPING. Ever heard the word before? Okay, in part 2 of this series I would tell you about it.

Financial prosperity is not accidental, it is intentional.
It is not by luck but by work.

You grow your wealth by building your asset portfolio and reducing your liabilities. What are these terms? Let me keep you in suspense and tell you about it in the next part.

Meanwhile, Xavier has put all that philosophy that has made him a millionaire into a book he titles SPEND LESS, EARN MORE. It is a 200 paged book of practical financial wisdom with Nigerian examples, many his own.

I highly recommend it.

The cost? O it is N2500. That is about 10 POUNDS OR about 18 dollars.

Want a copy?

Just call 2348187133153.

See as we continue this series.


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