Jesus died at 32.
Alexander the Great died at 32 too.
But both are remembered in history as people who shaped and redefined it.

Jesus was Jewish. Born in a poor section of ancient palestine, he started a small sect of uneducated men that has grown to more than 2 billion followereship today!

Even his kinsmen are still amazed at what this son of a capentar did has done.History says they killed him with the help of the Italians who were then Romans. But his death not withstanding sparked a movement that is still redefining history.Today, billions follow him, worship him as deity.His disciples said they saw him come back to life, and even died for that belief in his ressurection.

Jesus didn’t have to live long to make impact.He needed only 3 years.Today, I follow him and believe him as the reddeemer of my soul.jeus

Alexander the great was born into royality. His father was King Philip, the one eyed king. He was known for his prudence and justice. Alexander , his son, was taught by Aristotle, who perhaps implanted the desire to see the entire world and perhaps conquer it.

At 25, Alexander set out with young men to see the world. And he almost did, save for his death from malaria as he pressed further.He died at 32.

The quality of your life is not in your duration but your donation.

Your goal should not be to be another Methusela, the oldest man ever to live on earth as said of in the bible.

Methusela was old…and ?What did he do.Gave birth to Children and died

We must think contribution
We must think legacy

We must be remembered for something.

Find something positive in your life to do and leave your name in the sands of time.


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