Are You In Love with A Devil?

I’ve never claimed to be in the Singles and Marriage Ministry, as I personally don’t believe that any of such ministry exists.Life is essentially about relationships. We cannot but discuss about relationships.

I am a Life Coach.Lots of people tell me about their issues – financial,business, emotional,and spiritual. In all, one can trace these issues to the soundness of their relationships.

Relationship matters.
All of life is about relationships and investments.
Our relationships determine our happiness.
Our investment determines our success.

These days I have been shocked at the number of ladies and men who tell me they are in love with a ‘devil’?

How possible?

Read to some of their chats with me.

BISI: “Yes, Tunde beats me. We fight.But who doesn’t have issues in their relationships?I do. You do. Who doesn’t?Many think we would not make up after our fights, but we do.The love is still there. Will I consider marrying Tunde?Of course.”

NNENNA:”George , I know that you don’t believe in sex before marriage but I do.I have sex with my guy regularly and our love is still very strong. Very strong.”

TINA: “All men are cheats. Robert is like any other man.Even if he cheats on me, I will still be with him.I still love him. I love him very much…”

ADA: “I don’t like what I am doing to the man of God.In fact, I feel very sad. but the bitter truth is that I love him and I think he loves me too.”

EMEM:”Yes, Philip is foolish to tell me to get pregnant for him before we get married. But truthfully George I don’t mind. I would not let any other woman take my man.If I have to get pregnant, I will.”

IZIOMA: “I don’t mind being a second wife o.He has told me that his wife has treated him so badly.”

The women are not the only ones who surprise me with their stuff. Some men also do too. See some of their chats:

WALE: “George, I don’t know what to do again. She is not satisfied with me sexually. She keeps going out. Yes, I know I am not supposed to do it with her but I need to GET her to be mine.”

JOHNSON:”Why are married women attracted to me?They even offer me a lot of money. There is this one presently. She is happily married but has been coming to my crip for sex.. George, what do I do? They say you are a Life coach.”

AKAN: “I have heard so much about homosexuality.But why am I in love with this guy?”

Again and again these people who reach me know the answer. At least I sense they do from the way they write their questions. But they don’t want to take responsibility, blaming their love for ‘a devil’ as their reasonable excuse.

How so sad.


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