In a few days, my father would be 58. He recently told me that he had never seen 24 hours light before through out his years on earth so far.By May 13, yours truly would become 31.I have lived in Lagos for 24 years and in Uyo for 7 years straight and can say that I have not seen 24 hours light all my life so far.

Question: Will my children see 24 hours light? Will your children ever see it?

Believe it or not, more than N 100 billion has been invested in order to rectify the so called power issue from the Obasanjo Government till date.What seems to be issue?

A few years ago Michelin, a french Tyre company folded up in Nigeria.Their reason? No light.

Japan and China make billions from Nigeria yearly as we are THE LARGEST CONSUMERS OF GENERATORS IN THE WORLD.

Perhaps that cabal in partnership with some Nigerians would never allow for there to be light in Nigeria.Any wonder, Sam Adeyemi of the Success Power fame did a one day walk with over 20,000 people with the emblem : LET THERE BE LIGHT

If i were Johnathan, my only focus would be to put on the LIGHT in Nigeria. He would never be forgotten if he does that. Unfortunately, he is scattering his energy.

I EVEN HEAR HE WANTS TO GO FOR SECOND TERM.Will you vote for him? I won’t. We need the a strong political leader who has the political will to make it happen in Nigeria. I personally don’t think he is our Savior.Come to think of it, he should take out time to be part of our public speaking classes so that he can learn to carry people along. Leaders are speakers.

LIGHT will allow rural areas to grow industrially. It would reduce unemployment. It will create businesses and allow for business sustainability. Most entrepreneurs complain about power supply.

LIGHT will reduce the money we are charged by these telecommunication companies. It would do whole lot.

Will Nigeria ever see full light? Ghana celebrated uninterrupted supply of light for 2 years a few years ago. Can you imagine that we, Nigeria, even supply Chad and Niger light, and don’t have light? It is amazing! God help us.


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