Charlatans & Their Commercial Gospels

Cfake pastorsCharlatans have existed for centuries.Of course , they have been eventually recognized for who they are and disregarded as impostors. But again they resurface, evolving into forms that are harder to decode.

These days they form organizations around themselves, encouraging their adherents to make sacrifices, and build for themselves cathedrals.They hide in priestly regalia and preach sanctimonious sermons that becloud their adherents thinking. Underneath, they commit all sort of atrocities.

When saints regard sorcerers as representatives of their Most High God, then there is cause for much concern. We are in an era when magicians wear pentecostal suits, if any of such suit exist.They own their own Television stations, radio stations, University, bible schools and build bigger edifices than the Roman-Catholics that they once criticized.

Demigods, fellows that look more like rich business executives than priests themselves, these charlatans run multinational organizations as churches, evading taxes. Their members, impoverished, are continuously enjoined to keep giving to their ‘man of God’ for that is the only way they can break free from the painful and humiliating claws of poverty.Of course, they do.And keep doing with no results.In the end, they look elsewhere for another charlatan who promises them quicker results if they would join their groups and sow a seed.Now enriched, their former ‘pastors’ attract new disciples, most likely richer ones; for wealth attracts wealth. Old members are ignored, and richer ones are focused on.This rich ones pull their resources together to push forth the movement.And because they do, they qualify to be elders and deacons.

Isn’t surprising that many years ago, poverty was synonymous to piety and wealth to worldliness?People were encouraged to be contended with what they had and to worship God with whatever they had. Today, the story is different . If you are wealthy you are righteous and if you are poor you are cursed.

And so these Charlatans have created a gospel, a western gospel, a commercial gospel. They have built a doctrine around it, worshiping money in the place of God. That is the idea. The sorcerer’s God is worshiped in the place of God. No, God isn’t there. The synagogue of Satan it must be.The singing, dancing and praying is to the god called money. And she drowns the praise and worship the creator should have gotten.

The Saints seem oblivious of these happenings.Twisted scriptures have deceived them. They have believed the lie as the truth. And sincerely so.

Now the saints protect these magicians. they can do no wrong. They have become sacred cows, only to be adored ,not slaughtered. The saints slaughter those who dare. What a convenient shield these charlatans have built around themselves. They have sipped into the marrow of Christianity and it is so difficult to attack them without attacking Christianity.

Is money evil?No.It is the love of money that is the root of all evil.Yet these charlatans have twisted scriptures that the need for money has become an obsession.And unconsciously it has grown into the love of money.

I teach success but we must realize that money must be put in its proper perspective.It is only a gift, not a god.It is a reward for hard work and problem solving.I teach that we should focus on BEING not on HAVING.We attract things when we become.So ultimately I focus on character values ,work ethics and creativity.This is what the Church taught 2000 years ago.This is what the Jesus and his disciples taught.This is what the church should teach.

Away from money, lying signs and wonders are now used to pull a crowd. The question is are their powers from God?How can we determine that these powers are not from the pit of hell?And if these sorcerers display their powers, is there a genuine power of God?And if present, where can it be found?Critical questions, I guess.

This article has nothing to do with any church or any pastor.The idea is just to bring some things to our consciousness. To make us realize that there is something wrong.MAY GOD HELP US.


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