TRUST IS CAPITAL – Adeolu Akinyemi

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I had to meet him this Saturday morning by 7am. Reason? He was Lagos bound from Uyo for a very important meeting. Financial teacher and guru, Adeolu Akinyemi had been touring certain states in Nigeria to promote new products of Avenues to Wealth.Uyo was his last stop before he returned back to Lagos. It was indeed a privilege to meet him; one of those who inspired us when we chose the motivational speaking industry.

Our meeting lasted 25 minutes but was nonetheless rewarding.

He sat at the other end of the office and gave me his warmest smile.You could feel he was a people person, any wonder he is CEO of Avenues To Wealth, an online & multilevel marketing organization that focuses on discount pressuring and profit maximization. You could also feel his enthusiasm and passion as he shared thoughts with me

Many hold their audience spell bound with motivational speeches but few care to hold the audience by the hand and help them walk their way to financial freedom like he does. Many have failed at everything they have tried to do but everything he does turns to gold. Haven tried his hands on many businesses, he has failed sufficiently and obtained both a doctorate degree from the streets and earned the rights to help others succeed. While others seek to hold people down he is a candle that loses nothing by lighting up other candles. If leadership is measured by transforming followers to leaders and making success out of followers then Adeolu Akinyemi stands truly in a class of his own..

Regarded as the nation’s leading network marketer and blogger ,Adeolu Akinyemi currently drives Avenues to Wealth which is an international network marketing company with an uncommon passion. With a first degree in Electrical Engineering, Adeolu Akinyemi veered into the world of human resources and so distinguished himself with Procter and Gamble and Virgin Nigeria to become a human resources expert winning global and national awards for innovation, peak performance and exemplary professionalism. A genius with various interests, ‘Deolu is an entrepreneur per excellence with investments spanning diverse sectors such as oil and gas, real estate, publishing, arts and entertainment and media. He is presently leading a group of Nigerians who believe in taking responsibility for the development of the country.He’s a Network Marketer, he has demonstrated exemplary leadership, won many awards and is redefining the landscape of Network Marketing in Nigeria and internationally. In this industry, he is a mentor and a coach to his business partners and team members and a solution provider to his customers. He oversees a few concerns as a board member but actively drives Avenues to Wealth business as the MD of the Nigeria and the West African region. Adeolu Akinyemi is a patriot, a strategic influence and a financial freedom advocate. His blog – is one of the most followed blogs in Nigeria and beyond; little wonder people say ‘when ‘Deolu sneezes Africa experiences winter’. He is one of the most sought after entrepreneurial consultants in the country. Adeolu Akinyemi is guided by integrity, long-term thinking, a sincere desire to uplift and help others succeed and a strong sense of nationhood and love. He is a giver to many causes – scholarships, orphanages e.t.c. He’s happily married to his friend, Temitope Akinyemi and their union is blessed with 2 lovely children – Ireoluwa and Araoluwa Akinyemi. Adeolu Akinyemi’s passion for helping people succeed has now qualified him to be a Global Platinum Partner with Avenues to Wealt

Adeolu finished with a first Class in Engineering from the University. But in his own words, he said, ” I finished school and realized that I just didnt feel it for Engineering any more. My passion moved to teaching and HR(Human Relations).” He had a stint with P&G (Procter & Gamble) where he served in a top position for a number of years.

His desire to be in charge of his finances and life made him embrace entrepreneurship. It was the smartest move he made.Through the rise and falls, he has overtime through his resilience and creativity become an inspiration of millions of people.

That truly became the defining moment of his life.Below, are a few questions i asked this great mind.

GEORGE ESSIEN: “Raising capital? How do budding entrepreneurs raise capital?”

ADEOLU AKINYEMI: “I think the capital issue has been over laboured.Most people don’t need the amount of money they seek.And even at that, if a man has credibility and is consistent at what he does, he can easily raise money to start his business”

GEORGE ESSIEN: “Your take on network marketing?”

ADEOLU AKINYEMI: ” I think it is a beautiful way for people learn business. Before one embarks on traditional business, experts have now come to advice that doing a MLM business is a way to develop your business acumen. You are in business for yourself, but not by your self. You have an incredible support system for a parent company. You also learn selling, perseverance, leadership and financial intelligence.”


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