Are You A 21st Century Slave?

It is okay to work in a bank. But it is better to OWN A BANK.
I sincerely don’t envy any banker irrespective of his/her salary. I however envy JIM OVIA.

To own a bank, start with a cooperative.Grow it into a micro-finance bank and before long, you will have a bank!
It is okay to teach in a school. But it is better to OWN A SCHOOL.

To own a school, start with a tutorial class then grow it over time to becoming a full fledged school. It is as easy as that.

No one has had the privilege of paying me salary since I dropped my pen at the University. AND SINCERELY THERE HAS BEEN NO NEED.

It gives me great joy TO PAY PEOPLE SALARY.And I have been doing that for 5 years running.(Howbeit small)

I often tell my staff:”DON’T WORK FOR THE MONEY. If you do, you are a WAGE SLAVE”. Why? I tell them that they Make for me quadruple the amount of money I pay them.

I tell them to WORK TO LEARN SKILLS.Selling skills.Administrative skills.Leadership skills.Customer relations skills.Accounting and financial skills.

What gives you enormous value in the market place of life is not your certificate.What gives you value is your SKILL.

Your certificate will give you access but your skill will take you up!

I am not against those who earn a salary. But here are my questions to you:


Do you live from pay check to pay check?
Do you have time for yourself? For your loved one?Your children?

Are you caught between your dream and your job?
Are you frustrated by your job?

Do you make so much money and then have no time to enjoy it?

Have you gotten a company car loan that has kept you trapped in that job?

Do you have so many responsibilities that WALKING AWAY FROM YOUR JOB IS ALMOST SUICIDAL?

In June,2012 I was in Abuja. An aunt I met literally told me: ‘I envy your courage. I am trapped in this ‘suffer’ head job.I wish I could be an entrepreneur’

I replied, ‘Why not?’

She responded. “Aaaaaah, bills”

Some people are comfortable with slavery.

I may not have as much money as you MR SALARY EARNER but I sure have enough time to enjoy the money that I have made.

I have time to be with family.I have time to generate ideas.

I am pursuing my dreams.And in a few short years I MAY OWN THE BANK YOU WORK IN or the SCHOOL YOU TEACH IN.


2 thoughts on “Are You A 21st Century Slave?

  1. Gud 1 Sir. God created Work,Man created Job. God pays through daily wages,Man pays through monthly salary. I am yet 2 see a very wealthy man that is a salary earner. Just think about it!-MIRACLE K. MERIBE( Author,Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach)

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