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The press of late, has been littered with articles on what used to be well established corporations, either failing or in serious financial trouble.

Companies that you would never imagine would go bust, yet have.

How could this possibly happen?

To be honest, there are a host of reasons, some simple, and some complex.  However, solely blaming it on a struggling economy is false.

Large companies have more of an impact on the country’s economy, as they individually consolidate more employees, generate more to the GDP and contribute more in tax (at least we hope), and to some extent can affect SMEs.

Yet small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) make up a greater percentage of a country’s total enterprise stock.  In the UK, for instance, SMEs represent 99.6%, according to a EU report.

A problem big companies have, is that they tend to lose sight of the detail, often clouded…

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