ubong essienReport by George Essien

We first met in 2005 somewhere along Lekki where he was giving a speech to managers of TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER at their retreat.That was actually the first time I had him speak. Was I impressed? Of course I was. I had been hearing about the one they called Mr Motivator, the publisher of ACHIEVERS MANUAL  for over 3 years. Being myself one who was desirous of playing on the turf he reigned, my interest was above normal and keen.

That was the first time that I also saw the potential earnings of this profession called motivational speaking. We had retired to his Cabin after his one hour speech when a lady came in, offered him papers to sign and counted N100,000 CASH and gave it to him. My eyes widened. So it was true?One could earn as much as N100,000 from a hour speech? “Small thing”, he said to me. “I am only collecting this because of the relationship I have with the MD.Ideally, my fee is N250,000 per hour”

I was inspired. In 2007, I saw him again. He was talking in millions already, N6million consultancy from FERMA, N12million from OCEANIC bank. It was really exciting.

This year,2013, I decided to go see what he was up to. Ubong Essien was at his office , all relaxed and willing to share his ideas. And here was the big one. He had now become the first CERTIFIED SPEAKING PROFESSIONAL in Nigeria. And yes in West Africa too. There are only 7 CSPs, Ubong Essien is one of them. Sometime last year in the United States, Ubong became the first certified speaker by the NATIONAL SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION in Nigeria. The Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State was there see him receive the honour. That is the medallion he is wearing . Only him wears that.

Ubong Essien has now been endorsed by greats like Brian Tracy, Les Brown and Patricia Frip and has the same designation like they have now. That designation is CSP. We in PowerMinubong essien 2ds Community say Congrats Ubong Essien.


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