When you ask God to make you great , He gives you a talent. Your greatness is in your talent. Ignore your talent and you invariable ignore your greatness. Your talent is whatever you can do with ease. Your talent  is your grace, your lubricant, your oil. Your talent is whatever you possess that you can trade with. It is that which you can exchange for money or fame.
Your talent is  what you can do that  people celebrate you about, those things that move people to laughter or tears. Your talent is whatever you know you can do but others don’t yet know you can do, may be because you  are shy about. Listen to you sing  in the bathroom. Look at those write-ups and articles you have written, volumes of them. Nobody has read them yet.
Your talent is that thing you can do but don’t really think is exceptional yet people appreciate you for it or tell you about it. It is so part of you, you do it with ease. You don’t recognize it yet it woahs others.
Your talent is whatever you can do that stirs up envy and jealousy and criticism. It is that thing you do that draws a teacher to you or draws you to a teacher.
Your talent is that thing that springs forth when you are under pressure. It is your response mechanism to emergency .It is that activity, action or reaction that burst forth under extreme situations of your life. They are the life savers that help you out in those situations. There is a character in you only circumstances can reveal. Heightened tension cracks the concealment of your talent, revealing sputters of its energy on that occasion.
Your talent is a pointer to your reason, your purpose. The presence or absence of a talent is the very essence of your creation. If you discover something then that may be where your destiny lies. If you intend to be a carpenter ,He would most likely give you a nail. What that means is that your talent is your life equipment for your life assignment. Also, the absence of talent but presence of strong desire can also give you a clue about your purpose. There are few things strong desire cannot accomplish. In the place of talent, desire could help one acquire a skill.
An unspoken contest exists: God’s gift to you versus man’s gift to us. Your endowment will always be superior to your conferment. Your potential is of greater value than your credentials. God would put a talent in you. That is His gift to you. Man’s gift to you could be a certificate or a title or an award. You will make more money , attain more fame, influence more people from your talents than from your degree. No Bishop conferment can compare to the man who is called from above. Men will elect you president for 4 to 5 years .Your God given talent will make you a leader that generations would not forget.
Your wisdom is to merge your formal training with your talent. There is no better advice than that. Parents should observe their children early enough and guide them along that path of their inclinations or fascination. Your wisdom is to merge your formal training with your talent. There is no better advice than that. Parents should observe their children early enough and guide them along that path of their inclinations or fascination.
All talents are raw. They need cultivation. Trading your talent is almost impossible until there is training. Here is where mentorship, role-modeling and coaching comes in.
MENTORS. A mentor is that individual in your life who has developed his talent to the point that you admire him. He is close to you. That is ,He has a relationship with you. He guides you.  He has gone ahead of you. He is NOT a friend. A friend loves you the way you are , a friend loves you too much to leave you the way you are.
ROLE-MODELS. A role-model is that individual who inspires you from a distance. You admire the person. But there is most likely no relationship between you and the person. Well, a mentor  can be a role -model but  a role-model is hardly ever your mentor because of the distance between you. You encounter him through his books, tapes , videos etc. He has a similar talent and has cultivated himself to a very high level.
COACH: A coach is that individual in your life that has an unusual ability to bring out the best in you. He has the capacity to train, but doesn’t necessarily have your kind of talent.To succeed, you must locate either a Mentor or Role-model or a Coach. For great talents  observe other greats. Then they submit to the rigours of training and discipline. Training births greatness. Tiger Woods started rigorously training golf from age 9.Serena and Venus Williams, long tennis champs, started at age 4. It  is said that Michael Jackson started extensive music training from age 6. All of them grew into greatness. Michael Jordan, legendary basket ball great, used to practice 100 free throws every single day. Before Tony Robbins became a world renowned motivational speaker, he exposed himself to 700 books on psychology, parapsychology, philosophy and business management. I hear he is the richest motivational speaker in the world. Zig Ziglar delivered 3000 free speeches before he became a renowned and sought after motivational speaker.
You must expose and drill yourself. Go out. See how others are doing it. Read  many books, especially in the area of your talent. Books will expose you to information, to techniques and strategies. Remember that your talent is one of your seeds of greatness, what are you doing about it?

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